Makeup,boys and Twits - project me day 621

16 September 2011

The Bobbi Brown team from Melrose Arch store, a kidnapped Ashwin Willemse and my super special friends ... pic taken by the one and only Pat Sloane

I'm the first to admit that this blog has been a bit blah of late but tonight I got a whole lot of smiling to do. I know my best friend is somewhere between Seattle and San Francisco at this very moment so I'm not even sure if he will be reading this. I don't think he's missed a blog in the 620-odd days unless he fakes it really well. Whether he reads it or not, the fact are the same ... I miss my boy, but it's been very empowering having to stand on my own two feet.

I've set my GPS to places near and far and I've found them all. I've discussed finances and make?monitory decisions. I've requested invoices from the accountant and kept track of the bank account. All the big girl stuff that I just haven't had to do for as long as Greggie and I have been business partners.

Something is beginning to shift and a part of me knows that there's a new blossoming of a much bolder and determined person. I started to feel it a few days ago, but had a surge of confidence and self respect when I was surrounded by the most amazing group of women because of one incredible woman.
I fell in love with the story of Bobbi Brown and her journey of creating such a world renowned product before I had ever had the joy of putting a lipstick to my lips or a foundation to my cheek.

It was my first Bobbi Brown experience on Wednesday night and I can't believe how I felt when I looked around the Melrose Arch store and saw the women who surround me. I got to bring 9 of my closest and it was so easy to choose them. Most of these super ladies have met me through Twitter ... actually, besides Hustler Girl who reconnected with me on Facebook, we are all Twit friends. Well, Khanyi is more of an extension of Twitter because I was invited to an event that she was at, but we were Twit friends before the night was through. Liesl, Liza, Michele and Lindsey are all definitely Twits and Carol is another great extension of my social media life.

It was such a joy to see everyone having fun, switching off from our worlds for a moment and getting lost in the girlie world of makeup. It was an even greater joy knowing that my journey of blogging and dedication to my career brought us all together.

And ... amidst the crowd of friends and talented Bobbi Brown Makeup artists was the other boy. The very special boy ... Mr Unexpected. It's just as awesome to see that my photographer, who is now my man is so loved and cherished by my friends. So much so that he was asked to gate crash the rest of the girl's night out that extended to dinner just before our Kleenex girl's night out.

It's always bound to happen with this crowd and no one was letting SA's dishy rugby player, Ashwin Willemse walk past the store without being dragged in for the final pic of our Bobbi Brown experience.

I'm also grinning from ear to ear because my new friend and an inspiration for every person who has a dream, Tazz Nginda finally got his cute ass onto Twitter. Don't worry, Mr Unexpected knows all about my admiration of this sexy actor, model and role model.

For a meeting that was supposed to be quick few minutes to do a few adjustments to Tazz's social media presence, we ended up talking for hours. It's?definitely?one of the reasons I snapped my attitude back into shape. Listening to the story a boy who had a dream and is living it despite all the odds ... that's project me. Just like I share my story with others and hope it?inspires people to do one little thing that could get them that little bit closer to their dreams ... I need that too.

Between Bobbi Brown, Tazz Nginda, a loving best friend, a treasure boyfriend and the most rocking friends a girl could ask for and a kleenex girl's night out ... I'm BACK!

As always ... a big thank you to Instant Grass and The Venus Networks for making my Bobbi Brown Experience a reality!

6 comments on “Makeup,boys and Twits - project me day 621”

  1. This is way awesome Jodene!!! I'm so happy for you! It's great when our best intentions finally either fall into place or fall away and we become inspired to move forward!!! Love love love your blog!!! You are such a treasure and an encouragement! - Dawnee
    My recent post Pocket Beauty

    1. Oh wow, thank you for such a special and encouraging comment. I've been feeling like a bit of a drag at the moment and needed this boost! It's awesome to be supported by a fellow blogger ... thanks you!

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