Making birthday memories in bubbles of joy - project me post 1038

25 September 2014
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Sitting on my kitchen window ledge is an emergency bottle of blowing bubbles. My assistant carries one around with her. On the darkest of days I'm inclined to buy a bottle of bubbly and celebrate the mere fact that I can. Somehow, bubbles just make me feel better.It was less apparent when it was randomly blogging bubble in the garden on a bad day, but when I bonded with me very hedonist friend, Joanne and she taught me the ways of fine wine, champagne and the less priced, sparkling wine, it got serious.

My dear friend Joanne spoiling me to a hedonist birthday eve dinner ... with bubbles!

My dear friend Joanne spoiling me to a hedonist birthday eve dinner ... with bubbles!

Now that I have an extended bond with bubbles, there was no hard choice on how to celebrate my birthday.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere and that's exactly what I did.

I really felt as though I was starting this next birthday year with a very strong and more confident attitude towards my life, but there's still that part of me that is the eternal child, who wanted to go extreme when it came to bubbles.

Thanks to @Xtreme_Foam I turned what would have been a pretty grown up bubbles and breakfast party into a fun foam filled reason to play like 12 year old kids.

I've come such a long way. Well, I'm not sure if that's true because I'm starting to realise things that I have always been but never really noticed in myself and as I get older, I feel younger and freer.

Drinking bubbles, foam bubbles, blowing bubbles ... even the bagels were bubbles ... and that's how I saw my birthday in!

jodene birthday bubblesWith the most special friends around me, my family absorbed into the fun and surrounded by my favourite things. I had one of the best birthdays I have had in a very long time.

It does help that the transition from 40 to 41 has been a year where I have really grown in confidence. It took me a very long time to understand just how consciously I have been living and the big change happened when I defined my love for Project Me and social media. As Greggie and I decided to split the businesses in two, I felt the determination to grow #ChatFactory into the business that would be financially strong, with an incredible team (which I have been blessed with) so that I could take the time to develop the Project Me program.

It's been slow, but it's happening and as I have started to develop the work, I have realised how very strongly I have been living my philosophies for so many years.

It's empowered me! So has being 40 ... It's true what they say and it's in-explainable, but there is less care about what people think and more care about who you have decided to be.

My night only got better, which is surprising seeing as though I haven't had a bond with my Jewish birthright for many years. After the family divide and having to see less of the ones who don't want to be around us, the dynamic has definitely shifted and I didnt' want to be anywhere else except with the ones who ooze love.

Dinner was very special and we saw in the Jewish New Year, then it was birthday cake time and my little sister brought me to tears, with a cake that she made with one of my most treasured beliefs ... fairies! Okay, my family have come a long way to and receiving a Tinkerbell cake from her (and her hubby who definitely put the sparkle into it) meant so much to me.

Look it's a Tinkerbell cake!

Look it's a Tinkerbell cake!

I got the most special messages from strangers and friends, felt the love and all of my dreams for myself draw one step closer and I couldn't be more grateful.

What a beautiful way to grow up!

One comment on “Making birthday memories in bubbles of joy - project me post 1038”

  1. What a magical, special birthday celebration indeed! It's great that your blogging allows you the space and time to stop and reflect, seems like a great process to get into to practise learning and gratitude. Warm hugs!

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