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22 February 2013
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I swear, the last thing I'm doing today is this post, then it's laptop off and phones in the room. Popcorn, tea and catch up episodes of Once Upon a Time, Touch & Harry's Law. My brain so needs it, from a week that went rushing by, with so many adventures and challenges.

It's finally happening. I've finally settled into what I love because it took me much longer to figure out than I thought it ever would. Yet here I sit as a social media publicist with 2 paying clients at the moment. Of course I've been paid before, but that was when I was still kinda lost in the social media space. Now I'm found and as this proudly confident woman, I have 2 fashion bloggers on the red carpet of a local government event and more running a survey for another brand. I had another radio station get hold of me and let me know that they know who I am and will be in touch. I also had a PR company forward an entertainment blogger my way ... because everyone finally gets what I do.

I have this nasty habit of getting scared first though, so I'm tiring myself out a bit and freaking out over things before taking a breath and then discovering what I know ... it's in my blood and I make it happen with ease.

I'm working with the most amazing friend, Giddy Freedom, as we are making amazing things happen for ourselves in the social media space. She got here own Lifeology email address yesterday and we've been playing with stats, chatting to everyone we can and bringing the social media ambassador side of the business to life at the same time.

With all that going on, I also have a decent gym routine and am training with a heart monitor, which has made me realise just how much I've needed that guidance from the right kind of person. I do things so different with her guidance and now leave my phone in the car and take time to actually just gym and be with me.
I've needed it ... music in my ears and literally watching my heart.

It's come at the right time when I deal with some interesting post break up issues. I know it's impossible to avoid the however many steps of an ending ... so I'm at the seriously pissed off stage. I have reason but also just have to get past the anger without denying any of the emotions. That's always been one of the big project me lessons I wanted to share. There is no need to fall into the trap of the positivity movement and pretend things are good just to not say the negative or feel the anger. Anger doesn't kill us ... bottling it up does.

But I do have to share or confess or ?... I can feel that I need to at least have a date with someone. More would be fantastic, if we are all reading between the lines. I can feel that my esteem got knocked more than I thought and that woman part of me ... well she needs some TLC! What to do with that ... I have no idea, but I thought that putting it out there might just nudge the universe along a little *grins*

Now for the weekend ...

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