March 2021 Energy Update - Numerology & Astrology

25 February 2021

Finally, the shift we have been waiting for. The numerology takes us from reflection and emotional bravery into action and mental bravery in March. 8 is the number of power, wealth and influence. This doesn’t mean life turns on a dime, but it will start to financially and emotionally show you the rewards of seeing your value beyond money in the bank, ease and flow. This all depends on your consciousness over the preceding months. Consciousness is simple if you allow it to be. It is your ability to witness your life and be truthful about your happiness. 

The 8 is about recognition and, in this 5 universal year, we are all called to see if we are giving ourselves the recognition of the happiness, freedom, and joyful life we are worthy of. The universe is also waiting for recognition, to see if you are doing the soul work, which will align you with your universe. This is co-creation in action.

A big part of the 8 energy is management, and this is where March becomes so consciously vital. It is the month where each one of us will either step into our power or feel like a victim of life. Either way, life only has the intention of navigating you towards your fulfillment and joy. March will show you whether you are conscious and therefore managing the energetic navigation towards freedom and joy for the remainder of 2021, or the universe will start to manage the navigation for you. That means more resistance and slipping into aspects of shadow which are not within the integrity of your true self. You’ll know you are there if you are feeling like life and you are pushing up against each other and you are in a power struggle with your universe. It could show up as resistance to stepping into your power or feeling completely overwhelmed and overpowered by life. This battle is one with the very energy that knows you better than you know yourself: your soul, higher self, and your Source. 

If you are feeling this resistance, there is no better time to reach out and ask me about the 4 Transformation Coaching sessions where we consciously navigate through the shadow of your personality. 

The moon phases start on 6 March with the last quarter moon in Sagittarius. This phase is perfectly aligned to give you a boost into the 8 numerology of the month. It is filled with inspiration and optimism, which can create the momentum to bring the ideas for change. Our work is to step into the energy of 8 and empower ourselves into action.

Balsamic/Dark Moon on 9 March is in Aquarius. This is the time to get ready to let go and release what no longer fits. Once again, the Aquarius energy is aligning you even more with the call to manage your own happiness and fulfillment. It’s not the time for action during a Dark Moon, but it is time for reflection. Use this Aquarius time to reflect on how determined you are to do things differently and shift the energy of feeling boxed in by the pandemic, finances, emotions, relationships, and self-limiting beliefs. These 72 hours before the New Moon could have you feeling like a racehorse at the starting gate. Savour that energy for an exciting flood of action in the next phase of the moon. 

If you are not yet working from one moon phase to the next to manifest the life you want, then explore how it works HERE

The is the perfect time to remind you that the 5 universal year is here to give you the opportunity to make choices and changes where we think out the box, especially while we are still feeling all the restrictions around us. If you missed it, HERE is the link to the 2021 numerology update. 

Pisces New Moon on 13th March could feel testing and bring about emotions that are jarring from the few days before when you were rearing to go. Tapping into your intuition is vital, as this year is navigating us to trust our hearts over our heads. Imagination is also calling you to shift out of your reality and into possibility.

Add something to your New Moon list that sparks plans for freedom and playing in the world, even if it feels a lifetime away. However, it is important to do this in the energy of the new world and not merely wanting to go back to the way it was. 

21 March is First Quarter Moon in Gemini and opens us up to all levels of communication. In this month, although there may be lots of communication with the world to get interaction, opportunities, and money flow, it is all dependent on your communication with you. Remember the choice of managing yourself or the universe will step in and do it for you? This is it! Are you listening to your fearful ego mind or your brave, intuitive soul?  

Full moon in Libra is on 28 March. By the end of March, this moon energy will illuminate the levels of conscious work you have done in the month. The indicator will be a sense of peace and more harmony around you. Although the shifts have started, we are still in a cycle of 9 and have a month to go before the 1 cycle starts in May. Be conscious to not lose faith in yourself or your universe and bring disharmony to your world because things aren’t changing fast enough for you. The trick is to feel balance and self-love while still navigating through the resonance of chaos.  

A gentle reminder that Libra never passes by without putting a spotlight on relationships. In the 8 month, it is going to ask you to tell the truth about those who empower and those who disempower you, as well as see where you disempower yourself. 

The planets have settled into their direct energy to allow us a breather for March. There are no retrogrades or big moves from one house to the other, although Mercury is in its shadow until 13 March. This sometimes feels more intense than Mercury Retrograde itself and this is simply because the planet is saying, “I gave you time to see it through the whole of my retrograde, now I’m going to have to show you”. 

20 March is both the Equinox and when the Sun enters Aries. Both of these energies hold the energy of the new in astrology and it is considered the astrological New Year. 

Aries' fiery, wilful energy is ideal for the numerology of the month. From this point on your destiny is truly in your hands. Step into your power and you will align and flow with what the universe sees in you and is trying to navigate you toward. Aries season is the opportunity for you to tap into the innocence of being willing to try something different and see what happens if you go with the flow. 

The other side is you being bull-headed, without getting out of your own way. You’ll know if you are doing this when chaos ensues. 

The Equinox is either the shift into spring or autumn depending on where you are in the hemisphere. Celebrate making it through another season of your life. Spend this day focusing on your attitude, as this is an intense energy for each of us. Covid-19 has not allowed for our human behaviour to be aligned with the seasons. The 5 universal energy calls for us to think out the box in preparation for more of the same, without having the same behavioural response. Blending in from one season to the next, without doing the seasonal things we love and look forward to can break our spirits. Do whatever you can to use this day to plan different ways to enjoy the season that is coming in new and creative ways. 

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