May 2021 Energy Update - Numerology & Astrology

28 April 2021
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We are finally here. The long-awaited start of a new energetic 9 month numerological cycle starts in May. 

With an intense past cycle where the theme of testing our beliefs and foundation was set for the universal 4 year of 2020, we finally and wholeheartedly step into the 2021 energy. This year’s theme is transformation, freedom and change. The 1 energy welcomes you with the open spaces you have created for that very freedom and change which is aligned with your soul journey. The 5 numerology brings in the first steps to doing something different in this 1 energy month. It is the blank piece of paper to bring imagination and intuitive ideas and inventions to a life we may not know we have layer of opportunity within. Until now, the 5 universal energy was focusing on finding freedom from the past and now it is about creating freedom into our future. 

The uniqueness of this particular 1 month is the double 5’s that make up the energy. Don’t think that we have lots of 1 energies along the way. This new beginning is much deeper than we have had in a very long time. This cycle will show up with the first taste of what you have been hiding within yourself. There is an identify within you that, on the deepest level, is bursting to come out. Therefore , the important reminder and indicator is that the work is internal and not external (with other people or work/things). It’s calling for shadow work, deep truth-telling and opening yourself up to limitless transformation. If you do this month with new honesty and conscious bravery, you will activate a new adventure of self-discovery and joyous living. 

The astrology of this month is equally big and awaited. With the combination of both the numerology and astrology, we will feel the impact of where we aren’t confident and brave enough to change. The universe will push back with a ‘you are ready’ energy. If this is uncomfortable for you, know that the universe rewards bravery and brave going deeper within that you have every gone before. 

This is called shadow work and in my Transformation Coaching, I use numerology, tarot and aspects of astrology to help you navigate through your traits and find your shadow. 

There is a lot of astrology, so let’s go .. 

3rd May is the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius. As we end the final phases of the moon in 9 energy, this phase will keep the facts in check to not be overly emotional when you listen to your intuitive self. It is a real mix of thinking about what you want to bring to life, at the same time as feeling a bit stuck that things aren’t happening fast enough. 

If you are working with the phases of the moon to manifest the life you want, then know that you are preparing for some downtime in the next phase, so try give yourself one last push to get things finished on your list. 

If you are new to the concept of working with moon phases for manifestation, my FREE eBook will assist you. There is also a moon calendar to diarise all the moon phases. 

Balsamic/Dark Moon on 7th May is in Aries. This will be when the strong desire to start fresh kicks in. The double 5’s of the year and month will call for this time to be about going inwards and building the energy, bravery and excitement so that you can fuel the New Moon desires in the next few days.

New Moon is Taurus on the 11th is the ideal energy to pull some of your focus away from only money and career or material manifestation. AS money is so vital and we align a lot of our identity with it, it is very often overshadowing of other visions we have for ourselves. Taurus wants us to look at what brings us joy, serenity and calm. What makes us stop and ‘smell the roses’?

This may not be easy because there is a lot of financial concern at this time, but balance is vital and being called for. 

For support with your relationship with money, I have an eBook and Money and Me Online Course. We can also use numerology and Tarot to understand your relationship with money more clearly and use the Transformation Coaching as time to go into your shadow work and find why money is not aligning to your vision of your desired relationship with it.  

The 19th May First Quarter Moon in Leo supports the overall energy of the month, with the call to go inwards and meet your shadow. Leo and inner child play nicely together, if you are conscious of yourself. Watch where pride and drama take centre stage and you will get a good view of where your inner child or that of others is carrying wounds. 

I can’t begin to express the intensity of the Total Lunar Super Blood Moon Eclipse at Full Moon on the 27th. In Sagittarius, this is a potent time to be optimistic and see the glass as half full. Better still, see it as overflowing with opportunity for you to change and transform. This super intense mon is rare because of the closeness to earth and being eclipsed at the same time. The intensity could be deeply emotional, so our work is to be as conscious as possible to make sure our emotions serve us. Use the Sagittarius energy of being the truth seeking to get to the core of what you are feeling. Yes, more shadow work.  

Jupiter entering Pisces is a big deal, as it hasn’t been in this energy since September 2010. It’s an interesting cycle to explain. Entering Jupiter on the 13th, it retrogrades back to Aquarius on the 20th July and stays there until 29 December. It moves back to Pisces on the 29th December, until 25 May 2022 in Aries and then back to Pisces in October 28th, 2022. It stays until 20 December and we don’t have this energy for well over a decade again. 

This planetary alignment is the universe’s gift to us, as the combined expression of the planet and zodiac is spiritual growth, higher vision and heightened intuition. 

For those doing any dimensional shift of new (new) age energy work, do yourself a favour and harness the energy for deep transcendence work. It is also the ideal time to step away from all the sources you turn to for insight and to brave turning inwards to hear the messages from your universe to you. 

For those who are starting to awaken to the knowing that something’s got to give, and it has to start with you, brave the shadow work, with the intuitive support of this time. There is no better time to figure out what meditation, soul and conscious living feels like. 

On the 14th, Mercury enters its shadow to go retrograde on the 29th. The whole of Mercury retrograde asks for us to slow down and understand that we only have the power to control what we can. The rest of our work is to consciously respond to that which comes our way. We are never out of control. That is the great deception of perception.

On the 20th, the sun enters Geminin. The air element takes us back to a lightness where ideas and self-expression can flow. It can be a time of distracted thought, so do that work through Gemini season, to be mindful of where your mental energy is going. 

Saturn Retrograde on the 23rd will have 3 planets retrograde by the end of the month. This is another ‘Age of Aquarius” signal as there is work to be done through this time, until it goes direct in October. 

This Retrograde word is ‘resistance’. Saturn won’t let us get away with staying small. Feelings of restriction will purely be because the Soul, Higher Self, All That Is within each of us will be tugging you to your highest potential and your ego will be trying to tug you so you don’t leave the shadows. The pull between bravery and safe action and reaction will be the theme. 

Remember that each of these retrogrades is aligned with the 5 universal energy that is calling for us to brave change. This is only done when we understand the power of our freedom and ability to choose.

With the conscious work I do and knowing many do this work alongside me, I want to point out that between 17 – 22 May, there is a Pleiades Portal. The sun aligns with the 7 star cluster that is said to be the home of these star beings. If you are ready to be open to connecting, listening and feeling the messages from the Pleiadeans, this is the time. 

If you would like to catch this energy update when I go live, join our Transform and Transcend with Lifeology Group to watch live or look out for the recording on YouTube or my Podcast. Ask to join my WhatsApp broadcast list +27827817570 for notification of all energy updates I do. 

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