Meta tags for life - project me day 119

30 April 2010

I'm so close to launching the my totally revamped website. The new blog is bubbling under with a few glitches that need to be ironed out. My baby company, Lifeology, is slowly becoming the hub of it all and I can almost taste the launch of our well kept secret for all the children of the world.

I'm far from being a social networking guru, but in my own little way I absolutely love that side of the business. Greggie and I make perfect business partners because of the balance we have between passion and pain in the ass jobs. I have this drive and determination to?conquer as much as I can to make these websites of ours blossom and grow and walk hand in hand with our businesses all the way to the top. The top of what? The top of google and other search engines of course.

I have the fun task of meta tagging all our sites ... which calculates to a whopping 4 websites and 4 blogs. Never mind the fact that my newest blog will have four specific categories (which were going to be four blogs before Greggie convinced me that I might be just a little bit in workaholic mode if I wanted to maintain them all).

I've been reading lately that meta tags aren't nearly as important as they used to be and were totally abused, but none the less, I'm meta tagging all my sites. A long list of all the words that Greggie and I naturally use when we write or blog has been created ... with words like life journey, ego, soul, love, self esteem and happiness?strewn throughout our work. But of all the words, the one that is used the most is still ... fun!!!

I made a huge pot of chicken soup ... a truly Jewish quantity that should last Greggie and I at least four meals ... but, making soup is one of my most fun things to do. Actually, it's my way of avoiding the things I don't really want to do. Not just chicken soup, but anything I can whip together in the kitchen. It's also my most fun way of showing someone who I feel about them. I know, that's very mother ... but then again it is one of my strongest archetypes.

So, while pottering around unfixed websites and missing deadlines for newsletters ... I created fun by creating chicken soup. Chicken soup should also be added to the list of meta tags for life ... it's official.

I have this silly side of my personality where I know I am and can be brilliant at something, but I can't make the first few steps to throw myself out into the world. Well ... I've built up enough momentum to finally do some venue research and begin talking sex. I've chosen the most fun topic to teach about and that's a great approach to the subject because whoever I talk to can't believe how high my esteem is, how open I am and how much fun I'm having. I just want people to have fun in the bedroom ... or on the kitchen sink, or in shower ... oooh, or under the dining room table.
I have to create the fun though, because I really am stalling launching the courses. I think it still all bubbles around not shocking the hell out of my family or friends. I've already had a little lecture from my mom as to how it's going to tarnish my name ... um, helping people with their self esteem and worth and creating?healthy, honest and fun sex lives? ... I'm thinking I can risk.

The reality is ... the meta tag - sex is always one filled with unsavoury connotations! Well ... isn't that why I chose to talk about it ... to rectify just that? Of course it is!

Having fun and meta tagging filled most of my day, as I stared at my Knight who was trying very patiently to deal with my broken website. It's amazing how nothing goes according to plan and I think that is where people freak out most of all. That's where I can see the most change in me and the awesome gift I have given myself by starting 'project me'. Before, I would have been flipping out that I'm about to begin a new month and I haven't sent out an April newsletter. I would have been having mini heart attacks that these websites were supposed to go live like two months ago. But instead ... I researched meta tags and am working out how to dominate the word ... FUN!

As always ... something comes along to challenge the fun ... and it won! Nope ... not the fun.
Thankfully it was at the end of the day, but when I got a 'wink' from the jock on my 'are you interested', it totally threw me. OMG it threw me badly. He deleted me from his facebook about a month and a bit ago. Oh wait ... he deleted me when I went to Cape Town and he thought I was going to shag one of his friends ... a friend I didn't even get to see and had no intention of shagging, at all. None the less ... he deleted me. Since then I've received an 'xxx' and a naughty pic from ... and now he clicked 'yes' on me and became my match and then doubled it with a cyber gift.
'Project me' would be a sinking ship if I went back to play the same game over again. It's like the fourth time I've been deleted and each time I go back for more. I'm a teacher of self worth and self esteem for heaven's sake ... I know I can't repeat the cycle again. I know that I can't be the mouse in his little game. One huge problem though ... he's freakin'?gorgeous?and the chemistry between us is off the?Richter?scale.
It's not fun to force a NO!!! But for my own good, it's the choice I made a while ago.
After that, my day literally ended. I cleaned up, packed up and was done ... emotionally and mentally. I can honestly say that I totally forgot to have fun for good few hours. Not even my love for Country music made a dent in the swaying of my mind between giving in and just sending him one little wink back and the part of me that knows it's not a very healthy relationship. If Keith Urban can't cheer me up ... then I know! And now that I don't emotionally eat ... I actually had to get over myself. Meta tag ... get over yourself!!!

I'm going to see Greggie later this morning and he's going to ask me why I'm still holding onto the Jock. I'm going to say that I'm not and then he's going to ask why I'm then manifesting him back into my life. I'm going to say that I'm not and he's going to give me 'that look'. I'm going to remember that everything that happens in life is about me and created by me and that I am powerful enough to create him tossing my world or going away ... I'm going to be stumped for a while and swear that I am better off without the emotional games. Greggie is going to tell me to bring the fun back into it and I'm going to ... open up my meta tag document and continue working ... while drinking tea (my life jacket) hoping that my brain will forget about the Jock soon enough and still clueless as to why I haven't let him go completely.

Hmmmm ... WTF ... now that's a very important meta tag for life!

3 comments on “Meta tags for life - project me day 119”

  1. Hey... I'm all for WTF 😉

    Actually everything that happens in life is about me. When I cease to exist, so too will you... should you, strangely I'll just continue (albeit the poorer). But somehow think we're both on the same path there.

    SEO... I shall dispense this advice, now...

    Ah... meta tags... for life, a good way of filing things but in a way only those with access can read... for the web, mostly pointless. Work on your description tag, the title tag is crucial (but that's not a Meta Tag). DO NOT KEYWORD STUFF THE KEYWORDS TAG!!

    But trust me on the keywords tag 😉

    Once I'm back online... (if Telkom ever sort it out :'( ) I'll give a few pointers. Though generally when I do that, developers hate me... 😀

  2. Yay, yay ... pointers ... and I'll never hate you!

    I have no idea what you mean by Do not keyword stuff the keywords tag ... so I'm taking it as a typo and waiting for either you to use your words better or my brain to stop spinning 😉

    Thanks you!

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