Mike Wronski of Fuseware tells his Project Me Story

23 February 2012
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Mike Wronski studied electrical and computer engineering at UCT, and worked as a software engineer for a year before starting Fuseware. Fuseware deals with social media monitoring and analysis, and was created combining Mike?s two main passions for technology and psychology. Mike developed an interest in software development at the age of 10 and was involved in development ranging from games and 3D animations to business software and web applications. After seeing an opportunity to help companies understand what consumers think about them through social networks, Mike jumped into the deep end and started Fuseware.

On a personal note:?As both Lifeology and #FollowSA grow to become a well known name in the circles of social media, it has been with much gratitude to Mike and Fuseware for helping us has stats to back up all of our hard work and effort.

Mike, you have also grown to be a good friend and your passion and support of myself, Greg and all of our ventures means the world to me. I can't wait for both the stats and the friendship to keep getting stronger!

Mike tells his project me story:

What is your definition of happiness?
Mindfulness & appreciation for what you have

If you could have everyone say one thing to themselves every day, what would it be?
Today is the oldest I have ever been, and the youngest I will ever be

We all have that moment when we need someone to believe in us. Who is that person for you and why?
My dad, he has been an amazing pillar of support and love during the most difficult stages of my life

What quality do you believe we can never be taught because it is our birth right?

Describe the moment when you realised that you could achieve anything?
Closing a large corporate deal within only 3 months of starting my business at 23

How do you deal with the fears that could potentially hold you back?
Meditate on their opposite (e.g. instead of focusing on the fear of failure focus on love for achieving success), always keep on pushing my comfort zone until it becomes natural

What have you always dreamed of being or doing and have you reached that dream?
Owning a company that rocks an industry. I am halfway there.

When life gets in the way, what do you always remind yourself of?
The simple things that truly matter

We all have something unique to offer the world, what is yours?
An unrelenting desire to change the world

What do you believe we have lost sight of in the world as a whole?
Compassion for our fellow man

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