Missing more than just an A - project me day 504

19 May 2011
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Fantastic, another day of forgetting to blog and then rushing from one thing to the next. Yesterday a doctor friends said that in the medical profession you can only really count your success after you have been in practice for 1 000 days. It's it ironic that he made such a statement when the last thing I feel like doing tonight is blogging.

You've all asked what happens on the days I don't want to ... so here it is!

I've sat the whole day trying to do quotes for socialising other people's businesses (which is my passion) but I hate dealing with figuring out what to charge for each individual client. I come from the spa background where everything had a set price. A body massage was so much and a facial was so much. Cut and dry. No assessing what the person needs and evaluating my time. It stresses me out beyond belief. I am trying very hard to 'project me' myself right before going to my very dear friends for dinner ... but I am frazzled.

It doesn't help that the damn 'A' of my laptop keeps flying off after a sentence or two. That does make me put the brat down for a moment and say that I'm totally thrilled at the fact that a friend of Greggie's and mine (God only knows if that is correct english ... me/mine/I) spoke to his IT solutions guy and he's more than happy to sponsor a laptop. There's a dance of joy in there somewhere.

I now have to climb in the car and explain to my dearest business partner that he treats me exactly like my father used to. Not loving any of them any less ... just don't test me the whole time. My dad used to know how he wanted to word something and then he would let me type out a whole document and stand over my shoulder and correct spelling (yes ... I'm a writer who sucks at spelling) and correct sentence structures. Greggie is the son of an English teacher ... need I say more.

Today I told Greg that I'm missing my dad more than I have in a very long time. He told me that ?it's because I'm doing so many new things and this is when anyone would need a ?father figure most of all. In so many ways Greg doesn't allow for that co dependance of fathering but in another breathe, my father may as well have been alive and bugging the crap out of me while doing a quote that is supposed to be very exciting.

So I'm being a brat and I don't care if I can't leave for dinner on time ... I'm getting this blog done. The only frustrating this is that it's done .... with 10 minutes to spare and enough time to put on my lipstick!

PS ... I didn't tell you that a while back I committed to do work for a company for a certain amount of time (at no cost) to prove to them that social networking actually works. I'm now so pissed off at myself for thinking so little of me and my talents that I'm in this situation. On the other hand ... I stick to my commitments and I'm in a state that I didn't get to do as much networking as I would have liked! So truth be told ... it's not really aimed at the A that flies off the keyboard all the time, or my best friend and business partner that only trying to help me or the memory of my dad that would be saying "I told you so".

It's all aimed at me and 'project me' is supposed to fix it by telling my truth (hence the ratty blog), being conscious (hence the ratty blog) and doing something different (hence ending this blog, putting on lipstick and going out to see my friend). All in all, I didn't fail as much as I feel I did and by tomorrow I will realise that I didn't fail at all!

One comment on “Missing more than just an A - project me day 504”

  1. Yay for the new laptop. My hard drive in my laptop died and because it's pretty old figure it's most likely not worth while to repair 🙁

    Have seen a few neat pink netbooks though... so might be moving into the realm of colour!! 🙂

    Sometimes we learn a lot more by doing something for nothing... or is that something after all? Who knows, but at the end of the day, time spent is still something, so try something new. You never know what may come from it at the end of the day.

    But... I'm just sayin' 😉

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