Molding into the space I'm in - Project Me post 1029

15 August 2014
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In some respects, I'm brave and bold. In others I'm a timid little girl who would rather camp out a crossroad and wait it out until someone takes my hand and guides me in the right direction.

After two incredible holidays in the past month, one to the Netherlands and one to the KZN coast, I have found myself at that very crossroad. Both trips had their own profound experiences and consciously enlightening moments, reminding me of my power to manifest and my ability to live the life that is currently glued onto a vision board.

I think it was in the very moments, when I stood and took in the real moments of things I have dreamed of for so long and breathed in the awareness that if I could manifest this, I could manifest anything, that got me frozen and very stuck.

Strolling along a private beach has been a plan for a very long time

Strolling along a private beach has been a plan for a very long time

Of all the things that stop flowing, my writing is one of them and I spend frustrated days knowing that sharing my story is going to lead me down the path that is waiting for the next step in the exciting Project Me journey ... but that thought gets me more stuck and I end up climbing into bed early, working late and pretending that I have no time to manifest far more than the secluded beaches and overseas trips.

Did I tell you that business has boomed?
All of a sudden we have two additional and prefect team members, both very focused on the social media side so that I can slowly spread my wings and my time into creating Project Me into the ... um ... well, that's the very crossroad I'm at. I am trying to figure out what to do with starving teacher energy in me and this incredible passion that I have to show the world how to live their Project Me story.

I'm have so many incredible people who are supporting me. Two of them are on the other side of the world and offer their time so selflessly, because they love what I have to offer the world.

So I do have hands to hold and people who don't see the fear that I feel, so they keep me walking down the path without paying much attention to the fearful squeals, that could be mistaken with excitement.

Seriously ... if you have a big plan for your life and it scared the living daylights out of you, then celebrate being so on the right path. On the other hand ... be kind to yourself and let the fear become familiar, without giving up on the dream. That's where I am now ... taking it slow, while catching my breath and getting ready for the day when I'm going to realise that I love the path I'm on and I'm going to wiggle my hands free from the nurturing friends who are holding it and go racing down to meet my dreams.

In the meantime ... I'm going to keep dreaming!

The powerful Super Moon who passed by last week

The powerful Super Moon who passed by last week

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