Money issues are never about money

5 February 2021
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           In the world that has been created by a pandemic, we have a new minority of people who do not have money issues. Of course, there are some who have grown wealthier and others who haven’t been impacted, but that is certainly not the collective. In many people’s lives and homes, the fear of money outweighs that of the pandemic and that is why it has become vital for me to stand up and advocate for money and the lessons so many are missing. 

            There was a time in history when there was no need for money. One farmer had a cow for milk and the other had chickens for eggs. They would trade and simply put a value on the quantity they were trading off.  It wasn’t always an easy trade-off though. A carpenter would need to feed his family and so he would make something for the farmer for  the energy exchanged. Logically, the carpenter would need far more produce than the farmer would need from the carpenter, so the first system of IOU came to be. It was then that people took the energy they put into something and needed to give it a value. However, despite the human consciousness shifting, the exchange of energy never did. 

            If money is purely energy and the exchange for what we value, then surely it can only show up when we believe in the value we are worth? 

Money And Me Course

            I see money as the greatest ally to our soul and higher self. It is also in the basics of physics and the law of energy, when money will and won’t show up for people. Imagine this – you are living in a space of low esteem, far from the value of who you are. The energy you are putting out to the universe is not aligned with who your soul knows you are capable of being, and so life needs to ‘show’ you that there are other choices you can make and turns in the path you should brave taking. No matter what comes you way, you don’t listen. People work themselves to the point of breakdown and beyond. They stay in unhealthy, abusive relationships and ignore all the signs that the universe is sending them. They are in job because they have been told that jobs are scarce, and you must take what you can get or were forced into a career because parents said so. Your soul goes to the greatest lengths to get your attention, in an attempt to guide you to your happiness. Misery, abuse, illness and many other forms of self-sabotage don’t awaken you, despite that ‘soul voice’ within you. How do you eventually listen? In steps money! 

            We may ignore many situations, but when money takes a step into the shadows, we miraculously pay attention. This is the contract money has with you. With everything being energy and you being on a soul journey in a human body, then money is always going to take the side of your soul. Therefore, money issues have nothing to do with money and everything to do with the way your feel about yourself. If your esteem is low, and you navigate yourself towards something in that shadow of your potential, money can’t show up. It would never do that to you. The contract you have between money and your esteem is that money will always be the indicator that you are on the path to your deepest worth and greatest value of self. It would be beyond unkind for money to side with your ego, your fears and low esteem, when it knows the value of your worth far more than you have the capacity to. 

            Knowing this and seeing money as your soul’s ally, the work you need to do most is to find out what money is trying to show you. There is something within your esteem that you are missing, and money is waving the flags and pointing arrows to head you towards a greater, happier, more fulfilled, joyous life. If you allow yourself to see your financial situation as money’s way of asking you to tell yourself the truth and brave changes to your current situation, then you begin to navigate yourself in the right direction, towards financial freedom and abundance. 

I have created guiding tools for you to build a conscious and healthy relationship with money, either as an eBook or online course. If you feel you need more personalised guidance through your money issues, please reach out to me for a transformation coaching session. 

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