#MoneyMagic with @Fairygodmother - Project Me week 9

4 September 2013
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I don't only learn lessons about money from working through the online course. Sometimes I have the privilege of spending time with Donna McCallum AKA Fairy Godmother, and when I do, I listen very intently because wisdom just flows. One of the things I have grabbed onto is the concept of letting things flow. Time, choices, work, happiness ... life! Of course, it's a concept that I intend to actually do a course with through Fairy Godmother, but in the meantime I have tried to be conscious of what I'm doing and how I'm going it. What springs up first? A crazy few weeks where I have hardly had any time to do what I want to do.

Oh my gosh, gasping for moments, I couldn't even commit to the Mondays I was giving the #MoneyMagic course and 9 weeks in, I started to see that my relationship with money is one and the same in the nurturing of myself. So I have another crazy few days (and I'm not complaining because I finally have clients paying me and working flowing my way) where I'm scrounging for time for myself.

Then I remembered 'flow' and took this morning to put everything on hold and just do what I want to do. My #moneymagic work! I've set aside two hours and I can't tell you how good it feels. Mainly because I have so many exciting things that I need to do around my relationship with money ... all thanks to the week 9 works that's been set out for me.

Mentors, coaches, support systems & financial advisors ... I've never had any of those and within a few days I have them all. What I love most about the process of any manifestation work is that, as soon as you set your intention something flows your way. The catch is to notice it and grab on with both hands. So while these mentors and people of greater financial savvy flow my way, I have been building a much stronger relationship with money.

I have been achieving incredible milestones!

I finished paying off my car and I can't tell you the amazing feeling that is. As soon as I posted it online I had mixed reactions of congratulations and people telling me to trade it in and start with more car payments. I am settled on keeping her for a long while and using that additional money to really work on savings.

But ...

Then there's that part of me who never spends on me and I really have done so well at bringing in some amazing clients for the business that when the opportunity arose to go away with a friend in November, I grabbed it. It's still scary for me to have to take money from the business (it's called a salary) and spoil myself, but I know that if I don't then the money won't flow. Money feeds off our energy and I am staring to show it how very excited I am to have it. So I'm booking my flights today ... eek and yay!!!

Talking about salary ... I took one! For the first time EVER in my 12 years of being an entrepreneur (granted it was across 3 businesses), I took my full salary in one swoop. I also sobbed as the transfer went through ... the combination of pride and fear. The relief that I now know I am on the right track and that #moneymagic has entered my life.

Attitude and action have been the key to my #moneymagic journey with Fairy Godmother. I started this course because I'm 40 in just a few weeks and I knew that I had to do something different in order to enter this exciting phase of my life with abundant happiness and faith in my future. Little did I know that this course would make such remarkable impact and I do know that it's because I have been committed and brave!!!

A brand new #moneymagic online course has just started and there are people on mine from all over the world, so wherever you are, now is the time! It's the best gift I have given myself in years along my #projectme journey!!

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