#MoneyMagic online course with @Fairygodmother - project me week 10

8 September 2013

Numbers are an interesting thing.

At the same time that I'm doing my #MoneyMagic online course with @Fairygodmother, so my birthday is drawing closer. 40 is an interesting number and I've been filled with excitement about the turning of age. We all experience it, but some are more aware than others that our energy changes with each year as the numerology in our numbers change. Close to birthday time, as the energy of the numbers start to shift, so can emotions. I always get myself a little confused about how consciousness works and I think that because I know all about the numbers, I'm exempt from the emotional ride that happens before a birthday.

Well ... I'm not"

It's been even more fascinating watching my emotional turmoil collide with week 10 of the money course that has changed my life. This week is filled with dreaming and being positive. It's all about limitless imagination and all that money can give you.

I've done every bit of work set out in this 12 week program, and with only 2 weeks to go, I'm not quitting now. Of course, while hanging onto a thread and feeling all single and along in the world at (almost) 40. I really had to push the boundaries for three every special exercises this week. All based on imagination and expanding the potential of my relationship with money, while I was stuck in 3 days of no electricity (because that's how SA works sometimes) and internal turmoil, made for an interesting week.

To say I had to drag myself out of bed and to the shops to buy one piece of cardboard is no exaggeration. I took myself to my sister's house, where I could be surrounded by my gorgeous nephews, distracting noise and magazines.

I've done a visionboard before, but not based on money and not the way Fairy Godmother AKA Donna McCallum gets you to do it. 4 hours and dozens of pictures later, I had created it and was filled with limitless potential again.

The finished product ... now to visualise!

The finished product ... now to visualise!


That was Saturday night.

Sunday morning was back to a dreary awakening, but luckily I have a much better relationship with both money and myself, so a great walk by the dam and breakfast with a good friend cheered me along enough to head into the next exercise. Visualising a life filled with abundance of every kind.

I can't believe I have 2 weeks left of this course and in that short time I have started saving, sorted all of my finances, have an investment plan and have just booked a holiday that has nothing to do with work ... because I'm worth it.
Granted, it's an emotional roller coaster ride that I didn't expect, but at least when my mind heads down the road of "why me", I now have a vision of happiness and abundance to distract it with.

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