#MoneyMagic online course with @Fairygodmother - project me week 11

16 September 2013
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I can't believe there is only one week left of this incredible online course, but more than that, I can't begin to explain how I have changed from it in 11 short weeks.
The process from one week to the next has taken me on a journey that has truly built and exciting and solid relationship with money and in this 11rh week, I found myself lost in daydreams of what my future will look like.

What I have loved most about this work is rediscovering how to do things I thought I always knew how to do. Visualise, focus, daydream, gratitude, bring into reality and I feel as though it has helped me kick start another chapter in my already deeply spiritual journey. I know I'm doing things differently because of the emotional roller coaster ride that has come along with this work. It's so much more than about money. I've really learned that self worth and self esteem is at the core of everything and that I have some work to still do on that. That's why I'm so excited to be starting my second course with @Fairygodmother on the 1st of October called The Gem. It's a new one on her list of life changing work and there is still time to sign up and share the process with me.

So back to daydreaming and manifesting. It's been just that and one of the exercise got me really focus on the little details of what my relationship with money can bring to me. Of all the things that I realised, one yelled out to me and had me dazed in amazed realisation. These desire to have and be must come from somewhere. There are a million other choices that ?I could make and other paths I could want to go down and things I could want, but no ... I want THIS!

There are no words to describe what that realisation did and I felt the floodgates of Project Me dreams swing open. I have always said that imagination is the reality of the soul, but it was only at that moment that I realised just how powerful it is to allow your mind to show you what you heart and soul already know.

For all the courses run by Fairy Godmother AKA Donna McCallum, visit Fairygodmotherinc.com

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