#MoneyMagic with Fairy Godmother - Project Me week 1

7 July 2013

I've committed. I always say that I'm not great with commitment but that as false as me saying I don't have the ability to attract loads of money. It's what my week has been filled with ... starting a very powerful online course called #moneymagic with the Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum. It's part of our combined connection to the 2000 FM radio show #TheCollective2000 with hosts Angela Ludek and Tsheko Mosito.

I had the privilege of meeting Donna at a meeting about the show and in an instant everything was right. The timing of our connecting, the start of her#moneymagic online course and me being ready to deal with my money stuff. That timing is also perfect because in 3 months it's the big 40 and I want to start this incredible decade with absolute power and #projectme consciousness.

Of course, there is work to be done on my workaholic space and not being the best student, so the course introduction arrived a few days before and week one's course notes on the Monday. It's been all about my huge big career moment at the Joburg Theatre with #StarlightExpressSA having it's technical week last week this week and the full house of media, new media and VIP's tomorrow. So I created a #moneymagic folder in my emails and consciously saved it all for Thursday night.

Lesson one noted ... Read through all notes when they arrive and then make plans to actually do the exercises during the week. The money lessons hadn't even started and I realised so much of how I don't make things that will benefit my personal life a priority. My fabulous career is only going to bring me so much happiness.

Settling in to the course on Thursday and playing catch-up without scolding myself, I realised just how magical this money relationship has the potential to become. One exercise after the other flowed and I wrote like crazy in my money journal ...

My money magic journal and special pen with my name on it :)

My money magic journal and special pen with my name on it 🙂

The exercise we have to do take lots of thought, consciousness, honest and writing. That kind of writing that just lets it flow. In the flow I had floods of memories about money come back to me and the most vivid of all was about a dolls house, that I turned into a haunted house. This is the story ...
My folks traveled a lot (when financial times were good and I was young) and they returned home with a massive doll house that needed a lot of time and effort to build. My dad let us take a good look at the box and some of the pieces and then put it away in a secret cupboard built into the wall next to his bed. I opened that cupboard hundreds of times and my dad would let me look at the box (no touching) but he never made time to build it. So what was the point of spending the money on it? No fun ever came from that gift and so I decided that material stuff was pointless. I created fun in other ways and have become the master of having fun without any money at all. I can also manifest what I like ... for free. Sponsorship and freebies through my online presence is great, but through this work I have realised that it's an unhealthy byproduct of my early relationship with money. Don't get me wrong ... I don't have to tell you how awesome my dad was, but that memory has left me feeling like the 12 weeks of this #moneymagic course is going to bring about more change than I'm prepared for.

Luckily Donna does amazing webinars that support us through the course and in it she said, "If you find yourself in breakdown, know that breakthrough is about to happen." I have that close by to keep reminding me.

Because I'm playing catch-up after a week that need not have been so consuming (which also stems to my money beliefs) I only managed to get to do my afformation (yes, I spelled that right and you should head to http://fairygodmotherinc.co.za to find out more about that) today. So I put much thought into it (as the exercise requested) and now I have these amazing, very new things that I am going to be saying to myself over the next 12 weeks ... at least.

My new approach to manifesting #moneymagic

My new approach to manifesting #moneymagic


I'm also super stoked that my friend, @Joanne_Bender saw me Tweeting about the #moneymagic course and signed up, so we will be doing it together. Joanne has an amazing hashtag #lusciouslife where she shares her passion for food, wine and life and will also be sharing her #moneymagic journey ... go check it out and track the hashtags for inspiration to start you own #moneymagic journey.

PS .. you can be anywhere in the world and do the course!!!

4 comments on “#MoneyMagic with Fairy Godmother - Project Me week 1”

  1. I need to manifest money in my life. I'm interested that this is available worldwide. Maybe we can manifest our global travels together!

    1. Oh yes we can ... you can come visit me and I will come visit you, then we'll do some travels together. *daydreams*

  2. Well you inspire me as a founder of #connectingSA #project me is another thing it shows me to keep doing what i like even if i dont benefit in most times #goodluck on your money magic movement -connectingSA founder

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