#MoneyMagic with @fairygodmother - project me week 2

13 July 2013
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It's my second week into the #moneymagic course and this week was about setting a clearer intention and taking a closer look at my relationship with money.
It started with a fascinating exercise by the Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum which made me take a look at my unique offering and putting a value to it. It just so happened that the exercise collided with the greatest career high of my life. It reassured me that I'm not lost in the world as while #StarlightExpressSA (the actual hashtag for the mega musical now showing at the Joburg Theatre) trended worldwide, I got to solidify how I'm living my dream job and having the time of my life. That's not where my money issues stem from. It's not trying to steer me in a different direction. It's something else ... something different.

One of the visions I have had for such a long time is that money keeps filling my bank account while out in the world living my project me life. I've been doing affirmations forever and only now that I'm using the #moneymagic technique, did I have one of the most exciting moments. There I was early this week, being ?invited back to the first restaurant I ever blogged about, Thava Indian Restaurant in Norwood. They wanted to treat me to lunch and chat about a collaboration. We chatted business and then I was left to indulge in one of the best dishes of butter chicken I have ever had. I took my #moneymagic notebook with me and indulged in food and personal #projectme time. About 20 minutes into me time, I got a message from Wenchy who is now freelancing for Lifeology and helping me do stats and tweeting for clients. She was working on one of our client's monthly reports ... and then it dawned on me. I was out in the world living project me and Lifeology was carrying on.

Lunch from Thava Restaurant in Norwood

Lunch from Thava Restaurant in Norwood

On the other hand, while taking a closer look at how I spend money, I have really learned that I don't use a lot of money. It's been a great challenge and a big adventure to see how social media has helped me find my place on the influencer list and get a lot of stuff as trade exchange. While chatting to a friend the other night, she pointed out that it's the tougher thing to do, but in my world manifesting money has truly been tougher.

I have the most amazing business partner, who also happens to be my best friend and has watched me deal with my money stuff for years now. Lifeology is finally having a fun time and making money, but I'm still stuck in the old head space of hardly spending a cent.

Then ... I had to dig deep and really focus on my relationship with money and I realised how much I want and how little I spend. Big, bold statements about money have made realise what I want. Thinking about all that I can achieve is already driving me forward and my amazing Greggie having a chat and telling me that, from both a business and personal point of view, I have to start spending more.

So, slowly I have been. It's been little things, but I took my nephews shopping and actually had money to buy them stuff. I'm also realising how hard I've been working and that all I want is to get to the sea or the bush ... and I'm not out trying to find brands to barter with. Instead, I'm watching how to budget for a very well deserved trip.

From making my dreams come true and heading to Nashville to see some of my favourite country artists, to a holiday home, spoiling friends to lavish meals that I love to cook for them, to having my own herb garden, a house big enough for an old fashioned library and mediation room, I have truly started to see that I have a potentially amazing relationship with money.

Of all things, I've noticed my commitment to this course and how, after getting off to a slow start last week, that I kept my promise to myself to keep my Mondays for focusing on what needs to be done for the week. It made it a full experience so that as the weeks draws to a close, I can share a rich (excuse the pun) story with you of how my #projectme journey with money is going.

So far ... so abundantly good!


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