#MoneyMagic with @Fairygodmother - project me week 3

21 July 2013
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I've just returned home from a money magical day spent (excuse the pun) with my mom. It might seem so simple, but we intended to dash out for groceries and then both return home to get some work done. She has the most special fiance, Miko, who is all the way in Israel while they plan their lives to finally be together. He keeps sending her messages that she needs to take me for lunch or take me for dinner and we must both go out and not work so hard. It's one thing watching my shifts with money and it's another watching my mom's nearly 5 years after my dad's passing, as she finds love and happiness again.

Together, today we made the perfect combination of just going with the flow and ended up having lunch and going to a movie. Seems simple? Amazingly, I don't think I've been to the movies with my mom in about 2 years ... and we live together.

Yes, there are exercises and things to do with the #moneymagic online course. Some of them involve doing things like finding our financial worth, others are about consciousness with our relationship with money and I'm conscientiously doing them both. On the other hand, there's this feeling that I'm living with. Admittedly, it comes and goes, but for the most part I can really start to feel a happy relationship with money forming.

It's things like a proposal that was sent to me last week and the company hadn't included any social media, so we met for what they thought they needed from me and in this week we are meeting again for me to become their social media publicist for every event they do now.
For the first time ever, I've seen my business accounts. I just left it all to Greg to do and slipped into a bubble because I know how ?great he is with the finances. I've learned that it's not the point and I actually know what's going on now. I also realised that I don't have as dept hanging over me as I thought either.

The other side of it is that I got to see what I don't have. For a girl who has had a vision board for years and has manifested so much of the non material I've visualised, I noticed how I haven't gotten around to any of the material.
I'm stoked that next month is my last car payment and then I will have a fully paid off asset, but that's all I have. I don't own anything ... no property, not much furniture, no jewelry that needs to be locked in the safe and not a piece of art hanging on the wall.

So money and I are in an every growing relationship and it's time we start giving each other more of what we want. I want the investments and the cupboard full of shoes and to climb on a plan to visit my friend Mara in Croatia. In return, money wants me to not be so afraid that it will always leave and enjoy it a whole lot more, because that's what it's here for.

So today, I walked into a luggage shop and showed my mom the R1 600 Paul's Boutique handbag that I want. It's my birthday coming up and that's the present I want. I never would have asked before and I have NEVER owned any accessory close to that price. I've also really started to understand that money what it can buy doesn't always have to come from hours of hard work.

Getting to understand money and manifestation has been no different to getting to understand me. So we are all getting to know each other a whole lot better.

... and now to see what week 4 has in store for me and my #moneymagic journey.

Find out more about Donna McCallum, our Fairy Godmother, head to http://fairygodmotherinc.com

Find out more about Donna McCallum, our Fairy Godmother, head to http://fairygodmotherinc.com

This is the course I'm doing, but there's another one starting in September ... and you can be anywhere in the world 🙂

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