#MoneyMagic with @Fairygodmother - project me week 4

28 July 2013

What an interesting week this has been, not just with money but with the entire relationship with me. I'm really learning that life lessons don't happen in isolation and I'm focusing on my relationship with money, so I'm naturally facing my relationship with every aspect of myself.

I've taken this online #moneymagic course with Donna McCallum AKA Fairy Godmother very seriously and stuck to my commitments I've made to myself and the energy that this course requires. I've ensured that I have time every Monday night to go through all of the new course notes for the week. In the beginning we were given exercise to do to carry us through the 12 week program, and I haven't missed a day.
I spend most of the week pondering the exercise and then give my feedback (and blog) on the weekend. It's amazing how there is time for something when you truly commit to it. That's how I'm feeling about money too. I've committed the time to (him ... money is an energy that you need to have a relationship with so I've started to see the male energy come through and true partnership form between money and me). It might sound strange, but you have to do this 12 week #moneymagic course to understand the power of it all.

Save ...
This is a very big part of any relationship with money, so I'm learning as the weeks go buy. This week it was time to start saving and figuring out how much money I can put away each month. I can't tell you how empowering it has been to open my eyes up to what is going on with money in my life and because I did that, I realised that I do have money to save.

These realisations, along with the other work I am doing on different aspects of my life have brought about some amazing things that are all impacting my #moneymagic journey.
My biggest client renewed their contract with me and so Lifeology has a guaranteed retainer for 9 months. On the other hand, I'm just as excited to be freely spending money too and during the week I used two separate contractors that make my life so easy, it was just a joy to ask them to invoice Lifeology.

I've started to thank money for every move it makes in my life, whether it arrives or it moves on to someone else. I've started to see the value in every cent I spend and I'm so grateful that I'm even thanking medical aid and my car insurance when it comes off the account.

Remember, this course ends very close to me turning 40, something that I'm bursting with excitement for. Through this course I have realised that I don't have any assets (except my car in a month's time), no savings (changing this week) ... on the personal front I'm still a spinster with 3 cats and living with my mom (it's all very Barbra Streisand), yet I couldn't be more grateful, proud of myself or excited.


2 comments on “#MoneyMagic with @Fairygodmother - project me week 4”

  1. Morning!

    Enjoying your posts. My relationship with money is a love / hate one, and one you have highlighted in your posts to me.

    HUGE congratulations to you on your client recognizing the amazing work you do. The best in the business!

    I wish you enough,
    W??ch??.?. ??

    1. Thank you lovely lady ... and thank you so much for working alongside me to make this all possible. You are appreciated!

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