#MoneyMagic with @fairygodmother - project me week 7

18 August 2013

The one thing about course is that it's all good an well while you are in them, but to keep the momentum going and have the changes remain in your life is a totally different story.
Week 7 of #moneymagic was a taste of what my future hold because this week we didn't have extra homework. We didn't have anything new to do. It was a time for us to reflect and for others to catch up. I'm up to date, so this week was truly about seeing how much of the #moneymagic program has stuck and what I still need to work on.

I'm a busy girl. Wow, there's nothing like having to dedicate to make one realise just how busy their life is. That's mainly what I reflected on and I did have a tough time dedicating an hour to my finances a day, but on the other hand, I can see what has sunk in and become a part of my routine already.

In the short 7 weeks I now write my afformations (a very interesting version of affirmations) out every day. I say them to myself when my mind starts to wander to fearful spaces. I talk them aloud in my car and I kinda ponder on them in idle times.
I focus on what I'm grateful for. I think about all that I can be and all that I want money to do for me and with me in my life.

Mostly, I collect every slip (and even print out the parking slip now) and know exactly how much I spend. Yes ... this girl budgets. I have spread sheet and even if it's once a week, I make sure it goes into my spreadsheet. For me, that's such a huge thing and if I only take one thing away from this online course (which is impossible to do) it's that doing a budget truly builds a relationship with money. Wait, so does saving. You see ... so much to gain.

I might not have gotten to weekly time, but I did spend half of Tuesday in the bank, sorting out debit orders for my savings and getting smarter about money. I changed my daily bank account to a current account because the bank charges are fixed and when I calculated from last month, it made more sense. The teller who had to create the new account, shift the money across and close the old account had a whole lot less fun than me.

So this week hold more exercise and more conscious growing of my relationship with money, but a week of reflection and seeing how are I've come was just as valuable as a week filled with exercise to get under the belt.

For more information on Fairy Godmother (Donna McCallum) and her amazing manifestation work, visit her website.

2 comments on “#MoneyMagic with @fairygodmother - project me week 7”

  1. Well Jodene, lovely post, I know myself as you do, when we repect money and look after it, money will look after you in a manner of speaking. 🙂

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