More dragons, less meds - project me day 269

28 September 2010

Courtesy of Eragon and Saphira the mighty Dragon

I've gotto be quick because I actually can go to sleep without pain medication so don't want to mess it up by being on the computer too long.

Yay ... I only took pain meds once today. I do feel so?nauseous?though ...eeeeww!

I just can't face any more tablets but that's why the Universe send me a family friend who did some healing on me. Tomorrow I'm having a pedicure and Baba is coming to do some more Reiki.
I remembered today that I am in control of my body and it is not in control of me ... good timing because it's sexpo on Thursday night and this morning I called Greggie sobbing that I wouldn't be able to do it. He didn't believe my low self esteem moment by the way!

So I watched Eragon for the?umpteenth time and did as much meditating with my precious dragon as possible. Tomorrow morning I'm watching Eragon with mom again ... just because I can!

I'm getting the messages in between the pain ... that's 'project me' alright!!

6 comments on “More dragons, less meds - project me day 269”

  1. Perhaps I should watch eragon in order to really appreciate the dragon 🙂

    I would also not have believed your low self esteem moment.

    You can do it jo and we will be there to support you.

    Much love and healing coming your way. xxx

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