More than just a moment - project me day 619

14 September 2011

I'm having an?interesting?day! There is a social media event going on in town and I'm not there. There are a few reasons why I'm not and some of them are because I finally put my foot down and said I needed to be paid for my time.

On the other hand, I had a meeting today and one person said that he knew of a woman who did 200 free talks before she got paid.

It left me questioning myself and my choices. Then my man got asked to do a photo shoot through me and I had a glimmer of hope that I need to stick to my guns.

But then I scanned in an article about my very own initiative #FollowSA from the local Caxton paper ...

Some of the greatest reasons why people don't succeed is because they don't trust their own formula enough and change it the moment they hear someone else's success story.

This morning I woke up happier than I can remember in a very very long time. I know there is stress all around both myself, my mom and my man's lives but at the same time, it's all perfect.

Today I decided to focus on all the things money just can't buy and I realised that I might be at someone else' event for just a moment, but with the plans I have for #FollowSA and my beautiful career I have nothing to change, regret or envy!

It's now time for me to take 8 of my special friends to have my Bobbi Brown Experience ... also another moment that money just can't buy!

I hope that whatever you are doing, you remember the things that are priceless!

2 comments on “More than just a moment - project me day 619”

    1. yay me! It was so awesome saying Hi to you and Greggie and I'm thrilled that you are having such an awesome time together!

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