Moving on up - project me day 258

17 September 2010

"Project me" is about choices and I have a few to make. I can choose to be totally?devastated?and?distraught about my back or I can choose to do the best I can right now.
I can choose to be in a state about how far behind I am falling with my writing or I can choose to surrender to this and give myself what I need ... time to heal.
I can also choose to carry on listing the things that I have to choose and put all this focus on my back or I can choose to realise that there are a whole lot of other aspects of my life.

I'm tired of every blog being an update about my back and my?emotional state. This isn't me ... I miss me!

So here are the facts and I'm saying it with tears and stress and girlie emotion for the last time because I know I can do this ... I can carry on moving even though I can't move!

Fact ... my back is stuffed and I have a trapped nerve. I can't walk properly and it's going to take a long road to heal.
My birthday is in just over a week and I might have to tone my party down.
Sexpo is in two weeks and I might have to do the talks sitting in a chair and wheeled into the hall ... but I don't care because I can do this ... I can do all of this!

I"m sick of moaning ... attitude is everything and I have always had a sparkling one!

Tomorrow is the Jewish day of the fast (which I don't do) and it's also the two years to the last time I saw my dad.
Sunday is my sister's birthday and the day we lost my dad.
There's a lot going on and I know how I do things ... I know me ... I know the power of 'project me', so bitching and moaning and feeling sorry for myself is over! Crying maybe not so much ... but you know that's my signature trait!

As always ... the better mood will start tomorrow 😉

PS ... thank you so much for all your love and support, it's been healing beyond words can express!

PPS ... Voltaren shot in my butt every second day for the next few weeks and an orthopedic appointment on Monday .... moving on up!!!

9 comments on “Moving on up - project me day 258”

  1. Woohoo for not letting it get you down!! It's tough when all of a sudden you can't be you because of an injury or surgery. It takes a very strong person to not let it get them down.

    You can do it Jo! You are the most positive person I have ever 'met'.

    MWUAH, love ya.

  2. Tomorrow... tomorrow... the sun will come out, tomorrow,

    Bet your bottom dollar on tomorrow, it will shine.


    As with everything, it's not what happens but how we choose to deal with it. Granted sometimes things just suck... but hey if it was easy every one would be doing it. 😉


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