My Christmas present to me - project me day 360

26 December 2010

My Christmas day was my present to myself. I have been planning it for ages and turned down a few very special offers to share Christmas with some beautiful people in my life. However, I knew that I needed just one day that was all about me. A day filled with whatever I wanted to do. Where I didn't have to get dressed, put on make up, cook, clean up or communicate with the world. I do that every day of my life and I love it, but there is something very magical about doing a day totally differently ... I love sharing my life with you and Christmas is no different, but I'm proud of me for shutting the world out for a while and just being with me. So here is my day in true 'project me' style.
C ? - ?CAT, parrot, mother and me! Magically the rest of the family had exciting plans and I got to have my quiet time with my fave family membes

H ?- ? HALLMARK, cheesy Christmas movies and we managed to get through 5 of them. One sweeter and more tear jerking than the next

R ?- ?RELAXATION of the ultimate kind. I did my morning blog and the disconnected from the world for the rest of the day. It must have worked because I got accused of ignoring someone yesterday 😉

I ?- ?ICE CREAM ? of course! This one was hand made by my brother-in-law and was totally creamy and yummy! Now I want to buy and ice cream machine.

S ?- ?STEAMING HOT! Good golly Miss Molly, we spent the day trying to cool down. My next home I?m installing air-conditioning in the bedroom ? sorry dear planet!

T ?- ?TABLETS! Sigh ? my back hasn?t been so sore since before it gave in and I was in a bit upset, so I listened to my body and popped some pills, iced it a few times and rested. I was kinda hoping for a pain-free chill out day but I guess but my body had other plans for whatever reason.

M ?- ? MONEY breather. Wow, Greggie called me after his Christmas day to tell me that someone very dear to us believes in our business and our dreams enough to have seen we need a little financial breathing space and has offered to help us out. I couldn?t have asked for a better gift right now because we have both discovered our worth and how very much we know that we CAN do this. All we needed was one little gasp of financial breath! Now that?s what I call a miracle!

A ?- ? ALL day eating! My goodness, that?s what Christmas is all about. We even saved some treats over the weeks to share on Christmas day and they were worth the wait. I love that it?s about food ? tee hee

S ?- ? SNOOZE time. Mom kept nodding off during movies so I kept taking little nap breaks. There?s nothing like a half an hour snooze to complete a lazy day

D ?- ? DAD was missed. I think it?s always harder on the holidays to realise that a parent and husband is absent. Most of the tears shed in the movies were because of moments that reminded my mom and I of my dad, even though we didn?t have to say it to each other.

A ?- ? ABUNDANT! It wouldn?t be a ?project me? day without taking time to count my blessing and reflect on all I am, all I have become and all I aspire to be.

Y ?- ? YAWN!! I set out to spend my day in a special way and I did just that. Being lazy and switching off from the world is a treat for me and I?m thrilled that the next two days are holidays too, because I?ve just realised how much doing nothing is required.

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