My contribution to dinner - project me day 826

7 April 2012

The passover table will forever be incomplete without my dad, but something else will be missing too ... whatever he did had a creative flair that would bring any table to life and that's all I wanted to do for my family over this Jewish holiday. So, I took what my dad taught me and I hope I used it well creating a coconut face that bought a giggle to the kids ... and hopefully a small reminder of the legacy my dad left behind for us to always bring to the table.

4 comments on “My contribution to dinner - project me day 826”

  1. Very colourful 🙂

    We, as a family, only ever really did Christmas. There will forever be a piece missing without dad, then again I guess we just have try that bit harder.

    Christmas must be saved... a challenge I'm more than willing to accept 🙂
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    1. I always love the spirit with which you do Christmas and do plan to experience that with you one day 😉

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