My #D500 wish you were here list - project me day 495

10 May 2011

Yesterday was invites for day 500. There were the offline guests and the glitch where GMail spammed those invites, but we found out soon enough. Then there are the online invites for everyone around the world to join live on Twitter and to comment on my blog in the moment.
This morning I thought it wise to find out the GMT and have totally replaced Google with my very smart friends on Twitter. So it's GMT +2hrs!

The whole time while doing my lists of peeps I've had this magical list that I would give anything to make come true. The gift I give myself is knowing that it might not be at this moment, but I spend my time with each of them at some point. I also know that everyone is with me, no matter how far away.

I still can't help wishing that time was an illusion and space was molded by the very wish we make and that you were here with me on day 500:

My dearest friend, Pandora who I just haven't found enough time to speak to this year, but who is never further from me that a heartbeat. Thank you for all you love and support and for reminding me that you can love someone in an instant.

My China Doll who pushed me to have my tattoo and always reminds me that people around the world read my story even if they never comment. Our friendship spans decades and I only see you a handful of times in all those years, but you will always be a friend beyond measure. Thank you for always speaking your heart and pushing me to live my truth, even when you say nothing at all ...

My Aussie sista! Now we have spent years doing the Facebook poke thing and wishing each other happiness, love and truth. Sometimes it feels as though you left a lifetime ago and other times I can still imagine eating your yummy food as though it were yesterday. Friendship isn't about reading the blog or making the skype call ... it's about knowing the other person will be just fine and trusting their inner strength and wisdom. That is the gift we have given each other and I wish I could hug you thank you for that.

To my blogging friends. I can't believe that we have only met along this 500 day journey. On Sunday, when I give thanks for my blogging journey, it will because of the precious friends I have made along the way. I find my encouragement to go on and my understanding of my place in the cyber world for each of you!
Nikki, my lunatic cafe friend! ?You were the first friend I ever made in the blogging world and our bond has proved to me that you don't ever have to speak to, hug or have dinner with someone that you can call your dearest friend.
Traci and your beautiful universe ... your blog makes me smile and you usually make me cry! You never miss a moment to say exactly what I need to hear and I am so looking forward to getting to know you and your beautiful family with each passing day and the open and honest tales of your life that you share with the world. Save a cowboy for me ... I'm coming to visit.
My vlogging, blogging, happy friend ... OneClutteredbrain! Boy am I glad that we became friends and if I had my wish I would stream you in live to share with the world what I love so very much about you. I think that's a plan though ... a guest blog! You are a ray of sunshine and I save your blogs for when I'm about to pull another gray hair out!

Then there are the people who are so close, but yet so far. Just around the corner in Durban and Cape Town and I still hold out hope that I will be standing at the door and they will walk on in on Sunday ... a girl can dream.
My Robbie who has been the most amazing support throughout the entire blogging journey. You have missed a handful of days without a comment or a special message of encouragement. You shove awesomeness pills my way at every moment and you never let me stop giving up! I totally love you Yoda!
Fred and Naz ... don't worry, I'll come to you! How could I resist with your tempting comments of hot chocolate at Gloria's. I feel as though I have known you forever and sometimes I forget that we haven't even met.
To my special nerd, JC who jumps to my rescue and tempts me with the Cape Town view and a whole lot of reasons to understand coding. I might be seeing you in the fairest Cape soon, but you really do deserve a toast for your absolute patience with me 😉

Lastly ... to My Irish ... who doesn't get why I blog and can't believe people read what I have to say. For not believing I would make it to day 30 and for now not believing I have made it to day 500 ... but for never leaving my side every step of the way! I'd even drink a Guinness with you if only you were here to share Sunday with me.

There are so many Twitter and Facebook followers that I want to thank for your incredible support during my journey of blogging. ?Today really is a tough one and I know Sunday is going to be a kleenex moment of note because just thinking of my gratitude to all of you ... near and far ... is beyond my expression of thanks and love!

Okay ... soppy enough for a Tuesday?
Today it's off to get the hair done (dark chocolate brown), get more RSVP's and ... um .... where's that to-do list?

12 comments on “My #D500 wish you were here list - project me day 495”

  1. Guinness... where!? 😀 Yup... dark chocolate brown with a nice creamy foamy head. Oh... wait, that's something else.

    Hmmm... well think I'll be drinking on Sunday 😉 Then again I don't think anyone needs to be psychic to get that prediction right.

    As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. But, who knows about day 1,000?

    Although, I guess one wish that should be granted:
    "I wish I was as fortunate, as fortunate as me." - Eddie Vedder

    But hey, I'm just sayin' 😉
    My recent post Complicated

    1. Robert ... that has other meaning too! Terrible mind!

      Day 1000 ... I'm taking it cross country ;p

  2. Ohhh a nice dar chocolate brown....say that's sounds nice for ya!
    Post a pic when you are done Kay?
    oh and that YOU for all the sweet things you said about me...
    *blushing* I try.
    I just love people, and writing about....okay I'll be honest, I like to write about ME! lol.
    Your project me is aWESOME and so are YOU!

    1. Well didn't I just decide to hide my hair until Sunday ... Bwahahaha
      I'm so glad we found each other my friend!

  3. Now you have me crying!!! You are dear to me, as well. One day I want to visit your beautiful country and I assure you if life brings me such great fortune as to make that trip possible, I will be knocking on your door!

    You are a blessing to this world and I am glad to know you. One day we will clasp hands in friendship but until then, I am sending you a virtual hug.

    Now, I am putting away my kleenex and telling you how excited I am to see chocolate brown -- yummy!


    My recent post <A href="" target=_blank>Happy Mother’s Day — Motherhood- Revisited

    1. Okay ... now I'm crying! Ooi ... I don't know how I'm going to get through Sunday!
      No matter what ... I will hug you in person my friend!

  4. GRRR, my comment got eated somewhere ;). I don't even remember what I posted other than I know I commented the day this was posted. Hmm. :@

    I wish I could be there in person. I wish I could run up and give you a big hug and squeal for this BIG day. I'm so proud of you for all that you've done, not just for you but for touching so many lives in the process.

    MWUAH love ya and I'll be 'there'.
    My recent post Corral

    1. Oh my goodness ... and so the tears begin! I wish ... I wish ... I wish and one day it will so happen!

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