My Dining Out Zomato Adventures

30 June 2015
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With all the exciting changes I have made to my blog and to my life, over the past few months, it's certainly time for me to start talking about my secret love for food, wine and travel ... oh and don't forget the bubbly.

Well, it's not so secret. I just haven't dedicated any writing to this hedonistic side of myself. It's definitely blossomed the more my relationship with my self and money has grown stronger. From blog posts way back I described my upbringing as one of bargain hunting and finding two for one special or drinking cheap semi-sweet pink wine. My family tease that I have turned into a snob, but I do turn my nose up at some of the old habits that I left behind.

That's why I got so excited with the discovery of the Zomato App (and website), which is?an online restaurant search for any kind of dining-out, caf?s and nightlife in over 20 countries. My favourite part is that anyone can rate the dining experience, which gives a better overview of a place. Well, in my opinion anyway.

I've not only found some amazing restaurants to experience, but I've helped friends select the perfect place for a special occasion. I can be a bit of a snob at times, which you will pick up now that I'm going to be posting about my travel, food and wine experiences. In that snobbery (which I think is just a step up from the choices my siblings would make) I have some amazing places, thanks to Zomato.

My favourite part ... I can review places too. So can you!

The Zomato website and App has everything you need to know about nearly every (there hasn't been one spot I haven't found there) dining out place that you might be looking for. It has any details you would search for, including the menu, opening times, social networks, pics and then the reviews. With the App, it dials straight through to the restaurant ... love that!

Zomato-Logo-(red-background)Back to the reviews, which I love. I'm chuffed to say that I've done over 30. Yes, I eat out a lot.

Thanks to the amazing SA team at Zomato, I have been asked to a few meet-up dinners with the team, at a selected restaurant, where we have been treated to a whole selection of their menu. I'm going to one tomorrow night, which will be my first blog post, linked to my Zomato adventures.

The team are always on the lookout for new people to treat to the dinners, and it's all based on how much you review and engage on the App, so begin now. It's so worth it.

Find the Zomato App in any mobile store and download for free or visit the website

Zomato is also on Find Zomato on Twitter and Find Zomato on Facebook. With the Find Zomato SA on Twitter on Twitter too.

Happy dining everyone!


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