My dream day, well almost - project me day 522

6 June 2011

I'm so not a morning person and my best friend can vouch for that. Um ... so can my mother. My early morning gruntings, tossing and turning never has anything to do with a depression that another day has dawned or that life is miserable. I just have a grumbly start to the morning because I'm dramatic that way. As Greggie says, someone will love me.

We are dashing out to a friend of Greg's for dinner and I am torn between telling you all the intricate deals of the day and going to meet someone dear to Greg that I have only heard about. Because I spend so much time with you and my time in Cape Town is limited ... I've chosen a seriously rushed blog. The crazy part is that I'm loving the rush of the day and it's all making it more perfect. I often wonder what it will be like to blog when life is as full as I know I have the potential to make it be and today settles my mind that I won't be giving up blogging in a hurry ... although I might have to finally surrender to using less words and stop being so anal about tagging.

So it was the dream of waking up by the sea, having breakfast with a friend, whipping out the laptop and editing a seriously intense chapter of the book and then ... having a few hours totally ruined by an email from Mr Big. Holy cow, why can't men just go away forever? Why do they always go away long enough to give the illusion of never returning and then they whack you on a Monday afternoon while just drifting off to a silent prayer of gratitude for the perfect day.
Of course he launched into asking me if I was still single and then went on to tell me of all the shags he has had since we haven't been together. Being single and not having had any shaggy time since ... um ... nearly a year ago (okay, we do get to count the back injury in) I do get strangely jealous of anyone having sex, even if I know it's meaningless.

The whole point of this trip to Cape Town is to write and meet as many people that we can to chat business. One of those incredible opportunities came about by a Tweet I received this morning asking me if I was following an incredible woman on Twitter. It happens so often that we follow each other but don't actually get in contact and that all changed with a Tweet. I had to drag myself off to the bathroom as we arrived at the meeting and have a talking to myself about Mr Big. I had to remind myself that I don't deserve half hearted sex and that I will find the full package (not that kinda package ... although) that I deserve. ?So often I want to delete him from Facebook, but then the ego in me hangs on and can't wait for the day when he looks at me and I have this gorgeous man by my side with all the weight gone that he said turned him off me. But hey ... that's just me venting and I don't need to.

Instead, I had the most amazing meeting and Greggie and I see so much synergy. We just got back from a long walk along the beach again and my day couldn't be more perfect. I got to be all parts of me and prove to myself that 'project me' breathes more and more life into my dreams and turns them into reality by the day.

One day I will have my own home overlooking the sea, will be onto yet another novel, will dash out to meet someone incredible and end my day in the loving arms of someone who wouldn't change a thing about me ... until then ...

2 comments on “My dream day, well almost - project me day 522”

  1. As Billy would say, "Don't go changing" 🙂

    Never settle for half hearted anything, if someone's not willing to to give it all... then you shouldn't settle. Sometimes folk can't give their all for what ever the reason, then it's usually best to leave well enough alone.

    Then again the regular change of underwear isn't a bad thing. 😉
    My recent post A&ampe

    1. You know that I used to use Billy as one of my theme songs to get through the madness of my wishing to be someone else. Thanks for the awesome words my friend ...

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