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6 June 2013
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I think I'm a really awesome Instagrammer! Needless to say, there are a whole lot of cat pics. But in between I've started to notice how the story of my life unfolds in the pictures I select to share in the instaworld. This became very apparent when I was less concerned about a dozen hashtags and likes from strangers and more excited when the people I share my online life with took the moment to like something I had posted.

So as much as I'm a hashtag freak when it comes to the rest of the social platforms. I've settled into rather having the people in my circle see my life story unfold in pics ... and I wanted to share some of my week gone by ... all in instapics of my instalife!!

Instalife 1


A whole lot of life is about #'StarlightExpressSA that is opening in just under a month at the Joburg Theatre. It's my most exciting career challenge yet and I'm watching my passion for the entertainment/theatre world blossom as much as my love for social media.

instalife 2


Then there are the selfies of a darling friend that Greggie and I haven't seen in ages. It was so awesome seeing Emmanuel Castis doing his thing on stage, and with such soaring talent. Then to get some time together was just lovely. Yes ... he's a real friend and we aren't celeb stalking.

Instalife 3Cats ... of course yes! So Albie (the parrot) has moved into my room while mom is away on her love affair holiday. Can I add that I'm so happy for her and her man is really special. Anyway ... back to cats. This is how my day starts and ends. With one of them trying to pull the covers off the cage, heaven forbid they miss a moment of aimlessly staring at the parrot. I do see friendships blossoming though.

Instalife 4Selfie!! I can't believe my glasses are a permanent feature and now I want to do a photo shoot with them. Something unusual ... and so I was playing around with photo art ... get it?

Instalife 5


Okay, if you haven't seen it, you have to! Gatsby was just an unbelievable movie to experience.

Instalife 6This isn't just any cat picture. This is me playing around with my photo app. Do you see what I did there ... hint, red tongue 🙂

Instalife 7Something's slowly shifting back into the desire to be healthy. It's less in the head and more in my everyday existence and I can feel myself listening to my body and wanting what's healthy and yum. This ... is an egg white, veggie omelette and totally delish!

instalife 8What's me without a fairy, dragon, goblin or gnome ... ?so here's the sunrise from my window in the morning and one of my precious fairies who make my life a little more magical.

instalife 9I love winter. Okay you couldn't dump me in Alaska to survive, but an SA winter is perfect for me and one of the things I love best about it is citrus heaven. Grapefruit, oranges, naatjies ... you name it, it sees me through winter!

And that's my instalife! No ... wait, there's something missing!!!

Of course, did you think I'd forget my baby cat child?

instalife 10

My Buddha ...

Okay, so if you're out there in the Instagram world then find me as Jodenecoza and I'd love to follow your life in pictures too ...

Happy Project Me'ing your life !







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