My last sleep - project me day 453

29 March 2011
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It's finally here! Today my little sis and her hubby, and my brother all move to their own little houses. Mom and I have one more sleep and tomorrow is the big move day.
I don't think I have to describe what moving is like, but we have the added emotions of having to leave behind the house my dad built and separate from each other.

This must be one of the biggest 'project me' moments of my life! I'm trying to carry on with business because that's at a scary stage too. I'm trying to maintain a level or calm so my body doesn't pack up on me ... and my back has been a little extra sore over the past few day and I'm trying to make sure that I am there for my mom as much as I can be in my own little whirlpool of emotion. That's a lot for a girl, but as I have discovered, I have big girl panties (a friend reminded me of that) and I shall be wearing them over the next few days.

I'm sure my blogs have sounded scatty and maybe a little disconnected, but hey ... it is a real time, real life blog and that's exactly how I'm feeling!

Tonight mom and I sleep in the house alone ... and I feel a tear well up as I speak 😉

A very special good luck to my brother, little sis and her hubby for this extremely new experience in your lives and a very happy birthday to my special brother-in-law! What a great day to begin the first chapter in a whole new journey of life!

As for you, mommy, dad must be so proud of your bravery and so pissed at all the junk you threw out. I couldn't have made a better decision but to share a home with you for the next chapter in our lives too. Although we are on our own paths, they will always walk side by side and I am honoured to call you 'mom'!

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