My life called organised chaos - project me day 703

5 December 2011

I can't remember when last I had a work day where I spent the entire time behind my desk. I've always got at least a meeting or a lunch or a something, but after getting home from finalising details for this week's Nkosi's Haven food drive .. it was all about the office desk.

Holy crap ... it's a mess!

You know it's really bad when you are too scared to look left or right of the computer screen and I've been threatening to tidy it all day. The upside is that I got a fortune done but the downside is that there's that part of my personality that really needs a bit of work. I hoard things and they pile up. This is just the office desk ... I haven't shown you next to my bed, inside these office desk drawers or the bathroom cupboards. Even when I was moving, I looked at half the things and knew I hadn't used them once in the old house, yet I still lugged them across to the new one.

So what's on this desk you ask? Okay ... I'm the one asking because I have to put shit away ...

A pile of papers that I think mostly belongs to my mother. Her desk is 1 step away and doesn't have a pile of mess anywhere ... now we know why.

In the pile is an entire packet of Curvy SA magazines that Pat brought home. I'm proud of me and him and our friend Michele for the magazine, but seriously, someone needs to distribute them. Guess who?

Hidden under some plastic folder with City of Johannesburg papers ... not mine of course ... is the gorgeous box that Pat got me. That's the only thing I should have on my desk and the only thing you can't see right now.

Gold ribbon and bows for a present that I wrapped weeks ago. I know I'm going to put it away and when I need it I won't remember where I put it, so I leave it out. But really, I should put it away.

Yes, there are elves and gnomes on my desk. I got them for the fairy garden outside but we have had a scary spider find its way into the house every day and now I'm too scared to venture into the garden to place the little buggers. I kid you not.

Oh look, in the corner is Pat's tattoo sketch that he showed me and then kindly left on my desk. If you see him with the same tattoo on his forehead ... you know how I returned it back to him.

Sun block. That's for kitty Eragon's ears.?Inquire?within for further details.

I still make notes on pieces of paper ... I don't necessarily refer to them, but I'm very?diligent with making them.

I saved every penny I had ... for about a year, to get my D & G sunglasses. You think they'd be someone a little more caring.

Yes, there is a ceramic 'thing' that my gorgeous nephews made me. It has a frog on it and I think I should put it somewhere ... like the garden I'm scared has become aracna-park!

A tube of night repair sample cream from my project me partner, RegimA. It's empty ... that's all!

My eye pencil sharpener, hair clip that doesn't hold my hair up, my lip liner that I needed the other day and it was not in my bag ... where it should be.

Yes, there's a pen with pink fur and butterlies ... yes, I write with it.

Red ribbon ... again, for the present I'm going to wrap one day.

My friend, Angelica Lea's book, Seven Soul Mates. I've actually read it and well, what does one do with a book that you've finished reading?

Indeed, those are false eyelashes. Um ...

Ah, my business cards. Do you know that I lost them for about 6 months and now that they have resurfaced, the telephone number is wrong.

There's the tag from the Trivial Pursuit day thanks to Twiga communications. Maybe one day I will need it, or part of it.

House keys and car keys ... as long as they don't get lost in the mess, we are safe!

And no ... I'm not planning on tidying it today!

Hoarding ... I wish there were a tablet for it.


2 comments on “My life called organised chaos - project me day 703”

  1. 😛 you call that chaos? You are but a beginner.

    My desk has everything from toys to tools on it. Don't ask my why. At least everything's fairly colour coded. Everything in my life is pretty much pink or black. 🙂

    If you had that tattoo sketch back as suggested you've got to get a few pics! 😉
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