My life is a hallmark movie - project me day 187

8 July 2010
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I woke up with the feeling of blades slicing through my throat and an elephant sitting on my head. That's never stopped me from getting up and heading off to work to be my usual 5 to 15 minutes late. The only person who knew I shouldn't have gone into work was me! Clearly 'project me' needs a little more work when it comes to chilling when my body needs a break.

The best part about the flu is that it totally refuses to be hidden under the layers of make-up and eyeliner. So Greggie figured out that I was still sick and humoured me a while with some long awaited preparation for the Organic Orgasm talks. We checked out a venue yesterday ... that's a great start. Today we had a little?strategy?meeting ... I think! Hmmm .... I really am not feeling well.

So Greggie sent me home ...
He actually told me to sleep all day but that's a huge stretch. So climbing into bed and watching Hallmark movies was obviously the only choice. Well ... drowning myself in country music is usually the only option but I'm kinda on a mission to do things a little different and county is?definitely?NOT different.

Hallmark's still showing Christmas movies in the middle of the year. I considered skipping it but I have a soft spot for overly romantic love stories and those are a given when there is snow and jingle bells and single girls and guys about.

I can't relate to snow because I've never really seen it considering I come from Sunny South Africa and I was bought up Jewish so I missed the jingle bells too. Somehow I didn't miss out on the very common story of younger guy falls for older woman. I haven't really stopped thinking about Mr Wow to be honest ... but then I'm sure that's obvious. The movie started to remind me of the whirlwind moment I had with a guy that had the exact age gap as the two cheesy actors. So before they fall in love and even exchange names, you can see the sparks fly. You also totally see how the older woman never imagines that the younger guy would even think of liking her ... so she totally misses it. He also makes it totally clear before the first scene is over ... and then blow me over with the gust of a butterflies wings ... he said his name.

The very same freaking name that my Mr Wow has ... just as yummy a 20something body and as smooth and charming as they seem to make them now-a-days. Yep ... he had the very same name. I giggled and then wished I could trade places with the cheesy actors for a bit because I know that Hallmark always has the happy ending that don't always materialise in the real world (Not the the world is real!)

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