My NewsTime gig - project me day 227

16 August 2010

Today's blog is about good news, secrets and taking one step closer to my life purpose.
The good news is also the secret and the tale behind the secret is a about a little part of the personality that we call Ego.

So, I've been keeping a secret because I've been waiting for good news that was finally confirmed today. Greggie and myself had a meeting a good few weeks ago where we were asked to pitch our writing for an awesome new online news site called NewsTime. ?It was such a thrilling honour to be asked and an exciting time putting the pitch together, with even more thrills and ego moments trying to work out whether we would be accepted as contributors to the website.
Now it's official and only now I'm blogging about it and trying to pull the wool over your eyes and say I was keeping it as a big surprise for you ... oh please, don't believe a word of it. That was the absolute choice of the ego who didn't want to have to blog that we didn't get the gig had we not been asked to write for the gallimaufry section of the website.

"Project me" is showing signs of new ways that I need to learn to be kind to myself. I have to learn that the compliment of opportunity is sometimes more than enough. I have to adjust to the fact that sometimes things only last a moment and that moment is something to be totally proud of.

On that note, I didn't make it into the Cosmo blog awards. I found that out a few days ago by the way but my ego had to process it for awhile. It's processed and my ego did just fine. I'm a great believer that Miss Universe rewards bravery and I know that the more I tell my truth in the times when my ego is wanting to hold back until I'm sure, the more I will be grateful for the little moments in-between.

So, I have this awesome opportunity to expose myself to the world of online writing for someone other than me for the first time in my life. Writing the first piece is going to a process and I want to share that with you. Well, my ego doesn't want to share that with you at all, but the "project me" part of me wants to share every moment of excitement, anguish and fear of failure with you.

Yep, fear of failure is becoming a great thorn in my side. More accurately, it's becoming a pain in my back. Holy shit it's sore. I feel like I need traction. My brother has this awesome shiatsu cushion that feels like I'm sitting on a million pins and it gives enough relief for a bit, but it's not enough. I know that I can't work at nights anymore. No sitting in front of the laptop for hours on end. No excuses to miss gym. I am about to teach myself and unbelievable lesson ... that I can make all my dreams come true while still having a life and having fun. Oh yes, that's why I started "project me" in the first place.
My ego has to admit that I might no be getting it as right as I thought I was and that goes perfectly inline with the very thing my ego is resisting sharing with you. So here's me doing something completely different ... tomorrow Greggie and I have our first meeting with a huge corporate to pitch THE FOUNDATION - to self help. I certainly wouldn't have mentioned that until I knew that we had the job, or I wouldn't have mentioned it at all.

I also sent out a whole lot of manuscripts for the children's book to publishers around the country and have sent two proposals to magazines ... um, what else can I admit while I'm at it?

Oh yes ... I've been a total bitch to myself and not so nice to my precious business partner either. So I want to thank him for looking at me funny when I make it sound like he's an ass. Lucky I didn't blog about my perception our partnership over the past few weeks because I would have made it sound like he thought I was the laziest lump of lard and that he was wondering what the hell I do with myself all day. Meanwhile my dear friend has watched me drive myself into the ground because of my own perception and some false relationships with my intuition. Warning ... don't trust your intuition when you aren't being your own best friend.

I'm back though ... the more conscious person that we all know is there and I would like to thank David Bullard from NewsTime for the awesome opportunity to just be me and contribute to a fresh, new and totally exciting online news website. To Lize and the team for believing in Greggie and myself and for putting our names forward. To Greggie for always pushing me to reach that little further. To you for coming back for more and reminding me that my voice can reach the four corners of the world. Thank me for "project me" and believing in me enough to throw my life and my writing out there.

Greggie's writing an article first and mine will be heading off to David in the next few days ... keep you posted, but in the meantime don't forget to check out NewsTime and the awesome Gallimaufry section that we will be writing for.

9 comments on “My NewsTime gig - project me day 227”

    1. Thank you so much Nix. Um, besides that I don't think I've kept any secrets from you my hun. If you look at the section I'm writing for you'll see that it's very tongue in cheek so I get to show the craziness of manifesting and creating the illusions that get us through life and I'm thrilled about that. We'll have to swap some stories seeing as though we connect through our madness 😉

      It's you next girl ...

  1. ha... finally someone took their "I’m-awesome-and-nothing-can-take-that-away pill" 😉

    As for sending out all the manuscripts. Hey, you'll never know unless you put it out there.

    Congrats you two, it's about time 😀 Enjoy!
    My recent post Tomorrow Never Dies

    1. Yay Robbie, it is about time. I personally have to thank you for supporting me from day one, even when I didn't know what fool would take the time to read my humble 'project me' attempt at being happy.

      Your the bomb and forever my awesomeness and Yoda 😉

  2. Ah, I was holding out for you having to tap into that very nurturing archetype of yours and spoon feed me my lunch while I snap my fingers and demand more tea ... with a bendy straw.

    We rock my friend! Thanks for believing in you so that I can believe me!

    1. Thank you so much Kimmie, it's very exciting! Considering nerves and excitement feel the same I'm sure it's going to be quite a rush 😉

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