My own little circle - project me day 562

20 July 2011

Circle bar at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg

While everyone is contemplating how they feel about Google+, I sit in my own little circle of lights at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg and blog. I'm grabbing the gap between meetings as I wait for a 7:30pm chat about bloggers in SA and how we can all support each other. Now that's what I love best of all ... that collaboration of like-minded people and knowing that we all have the uniqueness to be in the same profession but all have a different message to offer.

My meetings before this one have been very similar and I'm slowly beginning to feel my pull get very strong towards a very South African flavour of making the circle bigger. Google+ is all about that circle and despite not really feeling the passion for it yet, I can't deny my love for collecting fellow peeps into circles. No ... not hap-hazard ones but ones driven by passion and purpose.

Someone got hold of me today and asked me for advice on how to get her blog read. "Join groups of fellow bloggers" is always my standard response. Mingle with people who understand the pain and passion of what you do.

I'm excited about another circle that I've created. Once again, these incredible like minded people who would do well to work together even though we might all be trying to achieve the same thing. On Saturday I am hosting my first Jodene's Breakfast at one of my fave spots in Joburg ... La Vie en Rose. I have invited the 20 most active ladies who tweet with me and who I have formed special bonds with and I have something exciting planned. Following on from my launch of #FollowSA, it's only fitting that I turn it into reality and start to see how us powerful and smart ladies can make our circle bigger.

The whole day has been like that, with exciting plans and making circles bigger and I can't thank the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg enough for supporting passion for social media and providing me with this incredible venue to start truly living my dream and sharing my knowledge on this journey that that I am on.

Talking about dreams ... it happened today ... well, the awesomeness and technical brain of my Greggie made it happen. Look to the left and you'll see my first advert of the blog. My first ad ... *claps hands and clears lump in throat*!!!

On the other hand, my man has had a terrible day at work and he's all alone at home while I have a very exciting meeting ahead of me. It makes me wonder how working mommies do it ... hats off to you, as I sit here with a heart torn in 2 places.

11 comments on “My own little circle - project me day 562”

  1. Given a little more time I will master yet another thing - html code! 😀 You get the adverts and I'll get them on the site. 😉

    Exciting I just need to figure out which circle this 'blogger' fits into. Is there one for the 'blogs-in-fits-and-starts' kind?

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    1. HTML is one thing... CSS... a whole other kettle of fish 😉 But, I'm just sayin' 😀

      That said, there's a circle for everything, but I'm not sure that Google+ and it's circles are the way to go. I'm still saying that's a dead duck... but I could be wrong, there was that one time... o.0

      Yay on the ad!! Graphic design is hellishly difficult 🙁 I'll never get that right. 🙂
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      1. HTML is the easy part. Still have not figured out CSS, so good luck to you lot!!

        WD, Jodene on your first ad ... let me know how I can help you 🙂

          1. I taught myself HTML once upon a time. Now, with CSS, I know squat. Enough to tweak a site, if needed... I think...

          2. Lol ... I also leave all of that up to the experts and bat my eyelashes when I need any help! I cannot believe you taught yourself HTML ... wow!

          3. Was many years ago, back when HTML was still simple. Much more simple than the other programming languages I was learning while doing IT ...

      2. I'm also totally not feeling this G+ circle at all. I live my other circles and think I shall be sticking to those for the longest time!!

    2. Thank you so much for all your support and for having patience enough to work out all the coding!!! It's awesome to see this side of you enjoying the journey so much.

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