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24 September 2012
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It's my birthday!

I thought that I got older I would get a little less excited, but it seems that this year the complete opposite has?happened. I think it's because of all that I can see myself begin to achieve that I am so looking forward to my big 40. Yes, yes, I know I just got to 39 and intend to savour every moment of the last year in my 30's .
I remember my 30th birthday and the disastrous year that followed and introduced me to the rocky road of the the next 10 years. There have been so many ups and downs and each on got me to where I am today ... the perfect place to start preparing for a different number of years all together.

I decided to start my year with simplicity and comfort and all I really wanted to do was chill with my man, spend time with my family and eat cake. Okay I do have a bigger party with friends planned with Saturday but Mitchie joined in the family celebrations today and after a weekend somewhere in the middle of nowhere I even got a visit from Greggie ... just in time for cake of course!
I've battled a little with #projectme over the past few weeks and although I have stuck in the zone of the 10kg loss, I haven't dropped any. But I'm ready for my first day of #myroadto40 (do you like the hasthag) and the return to gym.

I also think it's going to be a return of something else ... more regular blogging. I did say daily, but I might mean during the week. Either way, there are things I want to get done and stories of my journey that I want to share and I know how time flies.

But before that begins, I wanted to share some precious moments from my birthday:

Happy birthday to ME!!

How cute is my man ... my day started with candles in my eggs on toast


Then a gorgeous candle lit bath ... in the morning time ;p


Then to make it so very special, my nephews baked me a cake. That's a butterfly and a leaf ... and their mom did jump in to do a little saving of the day 😉


PS ... I know there's a drama with commenting on my blog and I'm working on that so please don't give up trying


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