My spoiling - project me day 338

8 December 2010

Tonight is a simple 'project me' because sometimes we should never let the special moments be overshadowed by anything else. This is one of those moments.

Tonight a small crowd of us went to a charity art auction and anything that was purchased in the shop, a percentage went to charity. As my precious friend, Lourens, and I strolled through the gallery I pointed out how much I just adore bulldogs as I smiled at the gorgeous photograph of a bulldog fighting with his leash in New York City. I thought that was that until we arrived home and my darling friend presented me with my gift ... my first piece of photographic artwork!

I am so touched, feel so blessed and most of all ... I love that a simple gesture can make someone (me of course) feel like I was given the greatest treasure in the world. Well, ?I was actually ... every friend that I can call my diamond!

Everything else that happened today pales in this moment and it can wait ... right now I have to find a place to put my artwork 😉

9 comments on “My spoiling - project me day 338”

    1. I also love it ... I think it set the tone for the kind of art I would like to have in my fancy schmancy home one day 😉

    1. I'm most thrilled that it kept me smiling through the night when my heart got a little heavy ... but that's for today's blog 😉

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