Never allow friends free reign to tag you - project me day 378

13 January 2011

I love them ... from the depths of my very soul I do. I couldn't ask for better friends, but their judgement of photographs for the world to see are much to be desired. I mean really ... it's one thing to mindlessly add the pics to Facebook but there's no excuse when the time has been taken to tag them. Do no bells go off in their heads that chime of pointlessness, or worse ... Jodene has a reputation-ness?

And with that ... here are some of the finest moments when I have gone "WTF ... oh, of course, only (insert name) would post such a #$&% pic!!

Exhibit A:
Let's begin with the picture that caused all the stir shall we? This one was taken by precious Twinkletoes who is completely rigid about what pics of him find their way to Facebook! But nooooo ... the 'I'm a Lady, I do Lady things' face is?absolutely horrific!

Well didn't this one just totally cause a stir with an equally inappropriate caption. Yes, that is my kneeling in front of a very dear male friend of mine. No, I wasn't?demonstrating?talents ... in actual fact, I was crouching and clenching with all my might to not pee from laughing ... what's worse, right?

Here's the first of the "what's the point" ones. I mean seriously? Yes, it's me ... not only do I look as though I have fallen down the back of the couch, I managed to cover the rest of me with my very own hand. This is the work of Greggie who doesn't notice anyone else when he's in the pic because he always look FABULOUS!

This is Hustler Girl's photographical skills. It looks as though I'm being drawn into the light .. don't look into the light Jodene, don't look into the light!

Deer in the headlights!

Can you see me? No seriously, can you see me? Yes, I was tagged ... foot in face and all 😉

Can you see me now?

And then of course, no matter how badly your friends represent you ... your family always take the cake. Yep, I'm the scrawny one with the glasses! Thanks sis 😉

On a little 'project me' note, there are very few pics of me until the year before I made 'project me' public. It has taken months of hard work to see my beauty, deal with my body issues and post pics for the world to see. Over the last few months I have been totally chilled about the pics my friends put on Facebook and tag me in ... because this is me! If you have been following this blog for a while and you know all the bitching and crying over pics, you will know just how very far I have come.

This is a celebration of the love I feel my friends and family feel for me and the beauty they see in the precious moments they catch me not posing! Thanks to each of you for your horrific pics of me and for helping me see the beauty in them!

Lastly ... In my new found boldness I posted a long awaited Organic Orgasm blog post today, entitled Saving your sex drive when stress and health gets in the way? I got a little more personal and it took bravery, but thanks to Hustler Girl and Greggie for all the support as I follow my dreams and let my voice be heard in the world! One kick from each of you in the butt and I pressed 'publish'!

4 comments on “Never allow friends free reign to tag you - project me day 378”

  1. My dear friend - we post these pictures only because we are so proud of you, of being your friend and of your achievements. We share these moments with the world because we feel loved by you and we want to shout it from rooftops. Sure, sometimes the pictures aren't flattering to you but to us, the photographers, they are moments frozen in time - moments that we want to look back at when we are knitting our socks on the "stoep" of the old age home, drinking Earl Grey and trying to "dip 'n Ouma", thinking how much fun we had and how special we all are and how much love there are between the lot of us. We live our lives as best we know how, who are we to judge what should or should not be shared with the world. And with that, I look at myself too - why should I be shy to share my pictures with the world? I do believe, and this is a recent discovery, that I am a unique, loving and fun guy to be around. Some may like me, some may not. It is ultimately their choice. However, I live my life and I share it with people and I want to share those special moments. I am blessed to be around you and all of our friends, so let's take out the camera, dust it off a little and start clicking. Because one day these will be the only memories and if I am allowed the strength and memory to be able to input my email address and password in Facebook - I will do it, one shaking letter at a time but I would like to be reminded of our time together. So be it unflattering or pulled into the light or an orgasmic smile, to us they are special memories and may they keep on being posted to Facebook.
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    1. It's the end of my day and more than a double handful of frustrating things have one wrong in cyberspace. Then I stop everything and settle down to reread this comment from my dearest friend and you take my breath away.

      Thank you for always being honest with me, yet at the same time never letting me get away with myself when I get nasty to me. Because of you, I am slowly learning to be kinder to myself along the way!

      PS ... add a Facebook profile pic ... dammit!
      Love you more than tiramisu cake with double thick whipped cream

  2. I'm so glad Marius spoke of capturing a moment in time - saves me the typing! 😉

    This is such a beautiful blog that shows your fun side - the side you don't like to have frozen in time. You have come such a long way though when it comes to photos - do you remember the inevitable photo head tilt?


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    1. Ah, the head tilt. Those were very vital poses and I've straightened my posture and self worth as the months have gone on. Thank you Greggie, sometimes the acknowledgement is the best way to see my benchmark to my own healing!

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