Never say die - project me day 273

3 October 2010

This really is a short one because tonight is he last push for Sexpo and I want to be well rested. I promise to do a blog about the whole experience because it sure was one.

I'm so excited that my friend Irvin has agreed to jump on board with project me and he is coming to the talk tonight to take pics. Its seems that I have my very own photographer. It's just a pity that I'm battling with what the damn?cortisone has done to all my hard work on this body of mine. Well, that's what 'project me' is all about right?

This is the situation and it's what I make of it! Greggie just keeps reminding me not to focus on why everything is like it is right now and that the answers will come in time. Right now I just have to get through this hurdle with my health and burst into a career opportunity that I know I am brilliant at. I love what I do and I don't have the old feeling of sabotaging my opportunities anymore.

PS ... thank you all for asking and Greggie is going to try record the talk tonight but if not at least there will be pics of me waving toys around and posing with the awesome girls and boys who have sponsored Organic orgasm over these four strangely challenging and amazing days!

So a project me update ... I'm hanging in the by a thread but so damn proud of myself that I have taken it one painful step at a time. Who would have thought that Sexpo would be the one place that I had to fake it 😉

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