Never stop believing in each other - project me day 689

21 November 2011

Tonight I had the most beautiful compliment. Someone said they knew our love story. She said so many people do and that she can feel we are both so deserving of each other's love. It seems his blog post touched so many people and word about town is that we are so magically suited. Every word of it is true, but it's a love that took time and truly started as a stone that needed to tumble and weather so much before it began to show any glimmer of sparkle or majesty.

This blog isn't about anyone but me, but something happens when two lives start to merge and we can almost feel each other's pain and share each other's heartache. That's the theme of our weekend together.

Have I ever told you that Pat has two teenage kids? They live by the coast and he hasn't seem them in a while. The saving has started and of course I'm dealing with my own anticipation of meeting these two almost adults, who I intend to share many years with. I'm still learning my way around money and the ins and outs of manifesting. The thing I love most about Vanessa A'wakan, who is guiding me through my journey with self and money, is that she doesn't claim to be a guru either. It's refreshing to feel that the space of a student is okay, even when you are still trying to be the teacher.

So money has me baffled and I'm still working on forming a calm, fun and abundant relationship with it and so is Pat. And in the moments of perfect love, along comes money chaos. Every penny he has been saving to get to his children now has to go to more car chaos that any two people can deal with.

My brakes are going. His something or another, that is going to cost thousand, was covered up by the people who sold him the car. Then, to top it all off, someone in our pretty new complex must have hit his windscreen with a cricket ball or rock ... but it's smashed in the corner.

To say the least, it's been rough but then I remember that at the end of every day I get to sit down and find that one moment that was more alive and real than any other, and sometimes that comes in the most frustrating, darkest times when you realise that you can get through anything when you have each other.

I contemplated this post for a while, knowing that so many of my readers and friends are single. Not wanting to rub salt in the wound because I know times are tough for so many out there and loneliness doesn't help. But then I remembered that I was one of those single people. The one who didn't want to hear the happy stories, at times. The one who didn't think he would ever come along or that it would be far too late. But I hung on and I never stopped believing in each other!

Never stop believing ...

2 comments on “Never stop believing in each other - project me day 689”

  1. Remember at the darkest times to look to the stars, for that is when they shine their brightest.

    Only real question is, "When you gonna be in these parts?!" 🙂
    My recent post Still Standing

    1. Guess what, I'm going to be in Mpangeni in by the 16th ... I do fear that might be very far away from you ... is it?

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