No light, sparkle or twinkle - project me day 629

23 September 2011

So tomorrow's my birthday!

You wouldn't believe it if I told you I was sitting in the dark, miserable as hell.

I'm doing my best to snap myself out of it before Mr Unexpected and I head out to my very exciting and much needed night away at the Mount Grace Country House and Spa, but the day went a little something like this.

I woke up this morning to no electricity, a dying phone and the realisation that this month just isn't going financially according to plan. I'm also sitting with the knowledge that I'm heading into a new numerological cycle and I am so scared to start it wrong and set a whole 9 years off on the wrong course. I have managed to convince myself that it's not worth the stress and I've fallen into the very trap I teach people not to. I'm asking myself why it's not easier if I'm living my passion, loving my life, being conscious and grateful. So ... I cried as I woke up and to be super honest, I only dragged myself out of bed after 10am.

Not a great way to end a year either, never mind start a new one.

Thank heavens for my mom!!! Without electricity it was the perfect time to do a big grocery order and shop for hours. We also did a lunch where I completely overindulged in comfort food that consisted of a hot dog and chips. The chat comforted me more than the food with a whole lot of reminders of how I am actually on the right track and how I have been laying the foundation and I am beginning to see the rewards.

Only in my world does all the electricity in the street come back except for at our house. Firstly, mom and I were too lazy to be bothered to take parcels in so we literally left them in the car ... besides the chicken and milk which we shoved in the fridge that had no power anyway.

It's supposed to be a breeze having a landlord and not worry about being the owner with all the issues. The only problem is that we have landlords from hell who just don't give a damn about their home so nothing gets sorted. We've been moaning about electricity for 6 months now and that got me all fired up and twinkle-less again!!

I could go on and bitch and moan and sound like a total brat, but I just got a Tweet that said: "Our Fearless #FollowSA leader > @Jodenecoza" ... @JayGibbs09, thank you!

The lights might be out all around me and I might not feel like there is much sparkle inside, but the soppy saying talks about someone being the match that lights the flame ... that I intend to shine with for the next 9 years!!!

2 comments on “No light, sparkle or twinkle - project me day 629”

  1. Match lighting a flame and all that 🙂

    Remember that once lit, a candle can light many others without losing any of its light. That's something that electricity can't do. So... focus on the flame, it'll serve you much better over time. 🙂
    My recent post The Look

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