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4 September 2012
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This morning I woke up and started my day with my usual routine which begins with a visualisation that takes me to my happy place where I get to hang out with some super wise and kinda cheeky 'unseen friends'. We've been hanging out for a while, so I trust the process a lot and have learned to tell the difference between the madness of my mind talking and the voices of wisdom and reason. In this space I got myself in a state the work week is so quiet and that we don't have a whole lot of meeting lined up, events to go to and Tweets to ... um, Tweet.

The change is drastic because over the past few months I've been going to that same happy place and saying how very busy it is and the timing just hasn't been right to stop and take not that my body has been begging for attention for far too long now. Yes, I've?sporadically blogged (and been trying to avoid) that my ankle has been sore for months. Seriously, it must be way, way over 6 months now. Wait, maybe longer because I know I stalled checking it out because of our travels to Durban and Cape Town for #FollowSA. Anyway, it's not about bashing myself over the head in anger for leaving it for so long, but about the 'unseen friends' who pointed out the obvious ... that today was the day I make an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.

I'm petrified, to say the least. I've gathered that if it were something that would heal on its own it would have done that ages ago and there are OTHER measures that need to be taken for this very sore ankle. So I made the appointment today and I'm going to him on Friday morning. As far as doing one thing each day that scares me ... well this is pretty much up in the petrified space. Oh wait, I said that.

I'm not even scared of having an op if I need one. I'm more afraid of the healing and recovery time and how it's going to impact my daily life considering I make a living being at event and out and about. I'm also nervous that I won't be able to train for a while and I'm so fully in the swing of #projectbody. But that's all issues that I will find resolution to because I will always have memories of my back injury and how life went on and I grew from it that will carry me through this too.

So that's my braveness for one day and I'll let you know what the doc says on Friday 🙂

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