No more Mr Unexpected - project me day 656

23 October 2011

He's making me toasted sandwhiches while I blog after an exhausting day. It started off fun and chilled with friends. I didn't even mind that New Zealand won the rugby.

It then turned into a mad rush to get ready for a show day, a much needed heart to heart with Greggie and then the realisation that I have an entire house to pack up in one week and a move next weekend.
The house isn't finished being painted and the guys we found are so freakin' slow. We can't start cleaning or moving across until all the painting is finished ... and to be honest, I'm feeling a very unsettled.

Well, I would feel a whole lot worse if I were doing this on my own, but I'm not ... I have my man by my side and it's so special to be able to create our home together.

That's why tonight's blog is so important to me.
It's officially been 4 months and a few days and every time I blog about my man, I feel as though I'm hiding something very special ... and I am.

It's time to say good bye to Mr Unexpected and introduce you to my very special, loving and caring man ... Pat!

There's something else I haven't shared at all and that's the two precious children that he has. They are a teenage girl and boy and they don't live in Jozi, but the time is getting closer to meet them over the December holidays.

Between starting a life together,?which is very different from moving into my mom's place with me, to moving into a home together and realising that I'm someone's kid's girlfriend ... well,, it's a little stressful! But, Pat's at my side every step of the way.

He puts up with my sudden bursting into tears, my irratic emotional outburst and my huffing and puffing when life doesn't seem to go my way. It would be unjust to continue to say anything is unexpected about a man who has taken the time to learn to love and hasn't run away or gone loopy in the process 😉

So for the rest of my Sunday night I'm going to be stare at boxes scattered around my lounge, tell Pat I'm never going to get it all done and be ready for the move ... and listen to him tell me that he believes we will, because we are in this together!

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