Not all days have good themes - project me day 645

11 October 2011


I don't think I have many issues with trust. I go with the flow and don't often get taken for a major ride (not in a car) or get bitterly?disappointed (anymore). That's one of the things I can thank 'project me' for ... I used to feel betrayed all of the time. I trusted in the completely wrong way and it took me years and the support of my best friend to understand that everyone does the best they can and that no one is out to hurt you. We all have our wounds and we are just trying to protect them.

So my trust issues have moved away from human and developed into a great mistrust for one particular gadget ... the GPS!

It took me forever to build up the slightest ounce of faith and for that reason I am always grateful that I'm usually being taxied to events and meetings by someone else ... in my next life I want a?chauffeur!!!

With Greggie being away I had to put my big girl panties on and get to the four corners of this city and the GPS finally didn't let me down ... until today!

I have been waiting for this exciting meeting with BankservAfrica at the Joburg Theatre for ages. I'm finally finding my niche in the social media space and spending hours in a workshop, as a social influencer, couldn't be replaced for anything more exciting. All I had to do was get there!

The address punched into the GPS and I give myself more than enough time plus fat to set up my laptop and say 'hi' to the amazing people at the Theatre that I have grown to have such great respect for.
Is it only my GPS that takes me into the depths of the centre of town instead of the simple route that I have seen Greggie and Mr Unexpected drive over again. Um ... I think this is the point where I say that if you spin me around I'm lost.

So I'm in the centre of town (which isn't the funnest place for anyone who doesn't know Johannesburg) and I get to the intersection of Market and Commissioner Streets and the GPS say 'You have reached your destination' ... UM ... NO!! I'm so far off from my destination that it's a joke. After driving in circles and avoiding getting hysterical I call Greggie. He's my GPS when all else fails and as always, my friend starts guiding me out of town. The phone on loudspeaker and I hit a roadblock, so I put the phone on the seat and pull over.

I think it's because I'm positive and passionate about this country that even my encounters with the cops are fun. When he asked how I was I said I was lost and he told me: 'That's what we are here for. When you are lost why don't you come ask us for help ... we are here to help you!' ... how refreshing for all the bitching that everyone does about the SA police. He gave me directions and reminded me to trust them and turn to them for help. If anyone is rolling their eyes out there ... they found my mom's car too and have been amazing in the investigation of the house robbery! How refreshing .... oh, I said that!!

One thing I trust beyond anything is my passion for what I do and my ability to take any brand out there and strategically assist them with social media. It was a tough meeting today, with so many questions, outcomes and concerns, yet I had the time of my life.

Until ... it was time to go home! This time my GPS wouldn't even get signal. So much for trusting technology, so the only person I had to trust was me. I used to phone Greggie for fear of getting lost and now I phone him when I've gone around the block at least 3 times, so I started to navigate my way. Trusting my instinct and following the signs that slowly started to look familiar, I ended up mile away from where I should be but eventually knew the road and ... woo hoo ... I found my way home!

It's stir fry and our first Tuesday night, where we talk about our feelings, since Greggie has been gone for a month. I dashed to the shops and couldn't wait to get shopping over with and my feet up for a while. There's nothing like feeling the anxiety of wanting to get out of the car when someone drives into when you are stationery in the parking lot. I need to say 'schmuck' ... who climbed out and couldn't be more than 30 years old. He checked out my car and said it was nothing. Yes, it's a simple scratch or two and the part that goes over the wheel is slightly out of line. None the less, I said I would check it out and get back to him. He told me he needed to take pictures ... trust issues!!! Granted, I'm sure many people take other's for a ride, but I don't even lie about if your food was nice or not and somehow I realised just how much we don't trust each other at all.

And lastly, in my workshop today, someone asked me if I didn't feel trapped and like I had no choice with this blog? They said I must feel tied down to blog no matter what and it gave me time to pause, reflect and say 'no' ... I trust that when I'm done blogging I will stop! I'm just not there yet!

4 comments on “Not all days have good themes - project me day 645”

  1. Ah Jo.... Looks like you needed good old Dizzy Lizzy today... Whenever I hear stories about a GPS I think of dear old Lizzy, who often took us via a scenic route. Granted Commissioner and Market will never compare to the "rolling hills of Tuscany".

    1. Oh hunny, you have no idea ... lol! I felt like I was lost in another country, trust me! Thank heavens Greggie was back in town or I would still be driving around in circles. Love ya!

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