Not so little project me - project me day 343

13 December 2010

I love the irony. On the night that I intend to enthusiastically blog about 'project me' and the future plans as it grows from strength to?strength - well isn't that the night that I have internet trouble, my computer is freezing and wordpress is denying me access.

I'm doing my best to maintain the enthusiasm but the blogging gremlins are out to ruin my fun. Go away gremlins!

So my day took an interesting turn. I woke up feeling so sick that I decided to cancel all of my plans but Hustler Girl didn't mind hanging around germs and I'm chilled for her to visit me in my jimmy jams, so we kept our appointment for the afternoon. While chilling out in my slippers and nursing a nasty cough, I got a call from Twinkletoes who was bursting with excitement. You see, he has got these exciting business plans and he had just seen the ideal spot for it. Um .. well ... it took me about 5 minutes to pull myself together, gulp down a?precautionary mouthful of cough syrup and get dressed. We had venues to see after all.

Hustler Girl actually needed my help with some aesthetic touches on her blog but she also decided that going to look at pretty buildings was much more fun. I'm so proud of my friend. She owns her own business and is studying at the same time. I love the big dreamer in her. Then again, I love the big dreamer in Twinkletoes too.

Luckily, I love the big dreamer in me most of all. I know that the past few months have been filled with a lot of low self esteem moments and issues from boys to money to cellulite seems to overshadow a lot of the positive, but that's not entirely the truth. While driving from one fancy building to the next we spoke about next year and all the?possibilities and 'project me' dominated all my plans.

What started off as a small idea to blog every day as both a challenge and a marketing stint has blossomed into a fully fledge product of Lifeology.
Beyond the back injury, flu and extra kilos is a woman who has very quietly been planning the next steps to 'project me' and although the big reveal is still around the corner, I have slowly begun to put my business hat and realise that I have something special right here.

So many of my blogging friends are blown away by the fact that I have sponsorships and other business friends can't believe the traffic that my site generates. I am constantly online with people and giving them tools and guidelines on how to being their own 'project me'. There's the big step ... Everyone lives their own 'project me' daily and some people have amazing stories to share while others don't want to feel alone in the world.

With 22 days left of the first year of 'project me' I can honestly say that there have been less than a handful of days where I have not managed to turn any situation into the fun, conscious of purposeful meaning of life. Countless people as me how do I do it ... and I am about to welcome the world into 'project me' in a much more interactive and personal way!

Bruce, my special sponsor from Website Marketing is quietly working behind the scenes in the hope that we will be ready to launch phase 2 of 'project me' on January 1st. If not, that's ok, because if I have learned anything this year it's that everything happens in its own perfect time!

To my loyal followers and friends I am humbled the way you have shared my journey with me and how you have helped me build the foundation to something more spectacular that I could ever have imagined. That's what I love about living without goal because when this all began I was running in one direction while my purposeful dreams where stashed away amongst the realms of possibility.

Ooh, I nearly forgot ... 12 day to Christmas, Santa Baby

10 comments on “Not so little project me - project me day 343”

  1. The 1st, to start Day One of a whole new project! 🙂

    Gremlins? Proving once and for all that a computer is female. No matter how hard you try to please the thing it'll randomly just do things for no reason other than "it can!" 😉

    "Everything happens in its own perfect time!" - um... have you finally learned some patience? Wonders will never cease 😀

    My recent post Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

    1. Oh you like so totally crack me up Robbie! I guess I can tick patience off my todo list then 😉 and just in time for Christmas!!!

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