Nothing like a swollen tonsil as a reward - project me post 965

15 July 2013
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I've had a totally man-down day. Quite unbelievably, it's all been because of one swollen left tonsil and an ear that feels like it could explode. Besides that I feel absolutely fabulous.

This is how far I have come. This is how #projectme has truly turned my life around.
I had plans today. It was supposed to be filled with doing social media reports with my very special and eager Wenchy. I was also supposed to pop out with my mom and check on a venue for her wedding plans, because that's all happening in October. I did neither. I made the call and reminded myself that I have worked so hard lately, there is no deadline anyone has given me except for myself and my body is telling me to stay inside and chill.

I've gotten better over the years, but one swollen ?tonsil certainly wouldn't have kept me in bed before. I slept, caught up on some admin, slept some more and mostly I drank a whole lot of sage and orange in hot water and loads of citrus. Now that's another massive change. Sick days used to mean pig-out days for me. I always had it in my head that heaps of toast with butter and fried eggs was the cure for it all.

It ended up being one of those days where all was perfect in my world. That's rare ... I'm nasty to myself. So I wasn't. Instead I focused on all the praise I've been receiving for a job well done in the social media space and how awesome everyone is telling me I looked. Then I realised ... I haven't blogged about any of that. I haven't shared some of the things that are going on ... that I got to reflect on while resting so I don't have to go onto antibiotics (because my mother thinks I should).

On the personal front, I'm officially very single. There has always been some kind of male companionship (that's the polite terminology) but after attracting quite a nutter, I decided to take that as a sign and not panic about being alone. I also decided to sort myself out and wait with patience. He's out there ... I don't doubt that.

I've been out a little more so I could hang out with special friends and less for events that work focused. Now to find the perfect balance because I love them both. I reconnected with an old friend from school. Actually, we weren't even really friends in school but time has passed and we get on so well, which I'm just loving.

Mom is planning her wedding in October and Miko is far away from her. I don't know how they do it. I'm keeping as calm as I can about how much time she will spend in SA and how much time she will be away. We have decided that I'm going to keep living with the newlyweds and keep the cats and of course, Albie the parrot. It really does seem like they will be traveling a lot, so I will be in the house. When Mr Right comes along ... we'll shuffle the plans.

I can't believe it, but my nephews have their barmitzvah (Jewish coming of age) in two weeks time. I'm the Godmother and they are reform Jewish (the same rules don't apply as orthodox) so I have prayers to do and aunty duties to fulfill. That's the morning part of next Saturday ... the evening is the You Spectactular Awards. In a nutshell, it's all the who's who of celebrities and I'm going. There's a #projectme story to this event that I just have to share. About 3 years ago, I wanted to go to the awards and blog about it, but when I enquired I kinda got told ... um, it doesn't work like that honey? I totally thought I deserved to go between my blog (still a baby) and my Twitter followers (about half of what I have now). So I didn't make the cut. That was it, I was determined. Not for anyone else but for me, I had to go to the awards just once in my life. It's all very fancy, designer dresses, red carpet and all and I tried for 3 years to crack an invite, with no luck. Well that all changed a few weeks ago and here I am, deciding what to wear *air punch*.

Talking about air punching, I've totally settled into being a Twitter Hashtag specialist and since making my big announcement to the world, I have been asked to speak at the seminars already. That's such a massive dream come true ... you are really someone when you are asked to speak ... well that's what I convinced myself.

I'm getting closer to 40 and am torn between taking myself away to have a real Shirley Valentine adventure or having a huge 90's party to see the new decade in.That's still up for consideration and so is having a hashtag. I mean, how can the hashtag queen not have one for her very own #Jodenes40 ... what do you think? I can see my bestie rolling his eyes as we speak.



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