November 2021 Energy Update: Numerology and Astrology

28 October 2021
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We are into the final stretch of the 5 numerology for the year, with authenticity and the freedom to be true to ourselves as the theme.

The power to choose and own our desire to change will be tested through November. With the 7/2 energy of the month, the combination of numbers has us needing to be aligned in head, heart and intuition.

The 7 energy, coming from adding 2021 to the 11th month, is on the opposite end of the 6 energy of October. Leaving the heart centred processing behind and assuming that it was a month you felt your way through, the 7 now calls you to go inward and see who wins out between the head and intuition. Known as the energy of the hermit, we are given time through the month to step away from others and get to know ourselves a little deeper. Remember that this is to serve our search for the freedom to be ourselves.

Hiding from the world could feel tempting, but the time is only well spent if you are studious with how you use it.

Meditation, contemplation and understanding how you weigh up situations between processing and feeling how you intuitively are called to respond, will navigate the way the year ends for you.

We are engulfed in the two energy, as we add the 11th month together and work with an 11/2 energy. As the 7 can already get lost in thought, the 11/2 adds an additional call for awareness to not drown in the detail. While it may be tempting to unpack things and think them through – a lot, at some point this month is going to need that deep awareness of self to kick in so that you can feel your way through.

The astrology this month begins on the 1st day of the month, with the Balsamic/Dark Moon in Virgo. Be cautious to be kind to yourself over the next 3 days and don’t over-analyse yourself.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th will give you some time to look at your motives and the deeper meaning as to why you do what you do and if what you desire is keeping you in your comfort zone or stretching you to your fullest potential.

The 11th is First Quarter Moon in Aquarius, with the opportunity to check in yourself and test how boldly you have dared to be you, no matter what people may think of your actions.

Not a small Full Moon as we have a partial lunar eclipse for the Taurus on the 19th. The spotlight will be on self-interest and fulfilling some simply down-to-earth desires. Don’t over-indulge though, which may be tempting with the eclipsed moon over already intense emotions.

We end the moon phases with the Last Quarter Moon in Virgo on the 27th, which is the sign it began at the start of the month. Sit back and reflect on the month and what you braved, while this useful energy surrounds you.

If you haven’t tried to work with Moon Phases to Manifest the Life You Want, then this is a great moon to see what you would want to put in the spotlight to create your new moon list when New Moon comes around. Download the free eBook to guide you.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on the 21st and is a supportive time to learn new things. Whether it’s expanding your knowledge, learning about those around you or digging deeper into getting to know yourself, use this time to see everything and everyone as a teacher.

I don’t often talk about aspects, but Saturn sextile Chiron on the 26th is a big healing opportunity for all of us. The Saturn energy helps to hold us within healthy boundaries and governs our motives while we find ourselves in circumstances that could bring up old patterns or past wounds. It’s the ideal time to take responsibility and maturely see what we could do differently, to heal our lifelong wounds.

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Stay brave! 

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