Numerology: Starting back at one - project me day 626

21 September 2011

Just before each other's birthdays and at the beginning of each year, Greggie and I do a tarot spread that is tells a story of the energy of the year ahead. I've never been interested in fortune telling but I've always been very drawn to the tools that give us greater insight into who we are. Yes, we can discover all those things without any of the tools out there but I like the idea of having a compass and not wandering the earth aimlessly looking for myself.

It's strange not having my best friend around for my birthday but it's even stranger sitting with a deck of tarot cards and not having the?detachment to read the energy of my own year ahead, so that's gonna have to wait until Greggie's great return.

I truly believe that even if we don't know anything about numbers, they still impact our lives. On the other hand, when you do know about the energy of who you are and where you are going, there is so much consciousness you can add to your journey. That has always been a very big part of 'project me' ... that consciousness.

I headed into a 9 year this time last year with a very bad back injury and it's a year tomorrow that I was in hospital. I remember Greggie telling me how every?significant?the injury was for a 9 year because of how personal and internal that final year of a cycle is. We work in cycles of 9's in numbers and this weekend I will be starting the first year of a whole new 9 cycle.

Obviously the 9 is all about ending a cycle so it's vital to have put a whole lot of stuff down, let go of?additional?stuff and basically getting over one's self to start again. Trust me ... my years has been filled with that!!

I've had an odd few days and I haven't been able to get my spiritual journey off my mind. I have focused on my beliefs, what carries me through each day and what the foundation of my 'knowing' is. It wasn't a great feeling until I realised that it's all about the numbers changing and when I thought about starting a cycle back at one again ... I felt the confidence in myself soar.

So I'm a lot more ready for my 1 than I've been giving myself credit for ...

Here's how to work out what number year you are in and a snap shot of what your year is about:

Take you day and month and add them together until you get one number: 24 + o9 = 6

Add that number to the year we are in and come to one number again: 6 + 2011 = 1

  1. Year of new beginnings
  2. Year of intergration, patient development
  3. Year of active social life, get out of rut, communicate
  4. Year of taking care of business, putting down roots
  5. Year of speculation and enthusiasm, breaking free
  6. Year of taking coar of others, responsibility and obligation
  7. Year of sabbatical, quietude, examination and analysis, looking within
  8. Year of taking control of your life, being tested and evaluated
  9. Year of endings, tying up loose ends, letting go

5 comments on “Numerology: Starting back at one - project me day 626”

  1. Guess that puts me at a 2... and holy crap was last year a 1! 🙂

    Next year one to spread wings? 😉

    But what ever to to be begun, just make it Awesome! 🙂
    My recent post Earth Song

      1. Some serious ups and downs... but that's life. A few hilights mind you...

        A few dreams realised...
        A new found understanding of inner strength...
        Managing to be a pilar of strength for others...
        Finding that silver lining,

        ...and something about some icecream to mind you 😉

        Funny how things work out.
        My recent post Friend of a Friend

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