October 2021 Energy Update - Numerology & Astrology

29 September 2021

If you are feeling tired and that this year has taken a lot of energy and effort, October is going to expect a second wind from you. Although the months may be creeping closer to the end, the numerology is back to an aspect of the 1 energy and needs us to find the resilience to push through with enthusiasm.

This comes from the 10/1 of October. Every year, we have the opportunity to see the year differently and the last 3 months energetically support us in ending strong. October’s 1 kicks a drive back in and throws out the opportunity to grab onto courage and feel a new approach to all you have witnessed unfold for yourself through since May when we had the 1 energy too.

Adding the 1 of October for the 5 Universal energy, we are also engulfed in the 6 energy for the month. This is a special gift as it is a sample of what all of 2022 is going to focus on.

6 draws our attention straight to all things heart and home. When we feel our way through that, it is far more than our physical surroundings.

This energy pulls us into what is closest to our heart and what home truly feels like. As a taste of the year ahead for us, watch all the places where you bring to question how at home you feel in the situations you find yourself in.

This energy is about balance and service to others while making sure you nurture and take care of yourself too.

The magnifying glass will be on responsibility. As the month unfolds, and we add balance and heart in, then who, how much and why you are responsible will be highlighted. As much as we have a responsibility or deep calling to be there for our community, be it family or beyond, we must balance being there for ourselves. We have a year to figure that out in 2022, so use this month to be the spectator of all the places you have invested your heart.

The astrology this month is loaded with planets going direct, but let’s begin with the graceful ebb and flow of the phases through the moon.

3rd October Balsamic/Dark Moon that starts in Virgo, will give you time to be analytical and not too embroiled in emotion as you prepare for a new cycle of the moon.

New Moon in Libra on the 6th  will have the spotlight on your relationship and getting what you want out of them.

The 13th is the First Quarter Moon in Capricorn will give you time to assert yourself in the places where you want to shine the brightest.

Full Moon in Aries is on the 20th  may not be the most comfortable if you are not ready to let go of what no longer serves you, especially if others are feeling empowered and doing the letting go. We are pushed to feeling more closely aligned to our purpose and if people or situations are not aligned with each other, you will know it.

The Last Quarter Moon in Leo on the 28th will give you the boost of confidence you need after that Full Moon energy, so use it to help the ego set out into the world with ambition and determination.

Follow the weekly energy updates every Sunday for deeper insight into working with the moon phases, closer to the time.

If you haven’t tried to work with Moon Phases to Manifest the Life You Want, then this is a great moon to see what you would want to put in the spotlight to create your new moon list when New Moon comes around. Download theFREE eBook to guide you.

Since last April, Pluto has been retrograde and it ends its retrograde in Capricorn on the day of the New Moon and the combined energy allows us to start a new in our way of relating. The people don’t have to change, but we should be coming out of Pluto very different to who we came into. Patterns should not feel the same old, same old as they have been in the past. Shifting the way you relate needed work through Pluto retrograde, as it gave us time to end patterns and find the confidence to put our hearts first through 2022.

Saturn ends its retrograde in Aquarius on the 10th where we will be given the opportunity to see the work we have done in setting boundaries for ourselves. What did we learn about the judgement of ourselves and others and how are we more prepared to take ourselves into our community next year. The impact we are meant to make in the world will be determined by how much we allowed this Saturn retrograde to assert our boundaries. The kicker is that you must look for the compassion with which you acted and see if you really did the healing of the self-righteous or self-centred ego actions. Don’t simply tick the box of seeing how you set boundaries if you cannot see who was collateral damage along the way. On the opposite end, how were you treated while others work their way through Saturn retrograde?

When Jupiter ends its retrograde on 17/18 October in Aquarius, you should feel that all the introspection was worth it. The feelings of things going too slow or the lack of motivation to fire away at your dreams hopefully allowed you to truly ask yourself what was worth waiting for. With this energy going direct in the combination of the 1/6 October energy, you should feel that burst of inspiration with way more clarity, to get out there and turn your dreams into reality.

On 17/18 October Mercury going direct too, where there should be much more clarity in the authenticity with which we want to express ourselves. A new flow of ideas, thanks to the other planets out of retrograde, should be what makes October feel like a fresh burst of energy.

Scorpio season begins on the 23rd which adds to the October drive and ambition to go for what you want. It will flow perfectly into the November energy too.

As the numerology makes a very powerful return to the start of a new cycle in October and we get a taste of the 6 energy of 2022, this month’s special is all about Numerology. Start planning ahead by understanding your personal numerology for next year with a 20% discount on a numerology reading.If you have had a reading with me before, use the voucher code, Numbers22 for an additional 5% off.

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Stay brave! 

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