On hold and other brilliant customer service ? project me day 214

3 August 2010

Picture the scene. I?m sitting at my desk with my cellphone on loudspeaker while I wait for someone at customer services to pick up the phone and, well, serve me. I?m sure it?s been over 20 minutes already and I can?t exactly put down the phone considering my query has been going on for 6 months. Yes, you heard right .. 6 months to sort out the change of banking details from my old business bank account to my new one.

I?m not the best at admin and usually forget that I?m the customer and should be receiving service. I also battle with tedious tasks and most certain don?t cope well with incompetency. That combination can leave me procrastinating issues for weeks on end.

This morning Greggie called me and was having an all round brave day with lots of correspondence going on. I sat at my desk at home and though, hmmm, if he can do it then today?s the day.

It?s simple, I?m trying to change banking details, it?s really no biggie. The problem is that I?m changing them from one company paying to another company paying but the car is staying in the first company?s name. I don?t know about the rest of the world but it seems that in South Africa we are brilliant at telling the client the problem without having any solution. How am I supposed to find the solution? But I do know there has to be a way of sorting this out.

The first fax with change of details was sent in March and the second one in June.

After listening to the Pussycat dolls on repeat for almost an hour now and having that damn song ? ?Hm hm hm-hm something ? conversation piece. If you wanna ?something something? then you had better come and get it!?
You would think that after the repetition I would be more familiar with the lyrics.

Now, after speaking to Charles whose silence and request for the fax to be resubmitted, spoke absolute volumes, you could say that I?m back to square one.

Why do I feel that because I am paying money to these people and they have the power to take my car or make my life hell with some financial? I?m sure by now I should be throwing my toys across the room, but instead I?m concerned that they aren?t going to be able to sort out the problem and it?s going to impact my financial relationship with the bank.
Let?s explain this a little archetypically maybe. I have the child archetype (yes, the spiritual stuff about the child residing within and all that jazz) in my 8th house (yep, of the astrological wheel). Very simply put, the 8th house deal with money and power and your relationship with other?s in that regard. Do you think a child likes to deal with money issues? Do you think a child even knows how to deal with money issues? It?s just scary and the child would much rather be outside playing.

So here I am with annoying music, dealing with Charles who hasn?t received the fax even after I?ve confirmed that I?ve sent it and instead of me demanding customer service, my heart is racing in case he says that my request is impossible?

What if it is impossible? What then?
When I get most irritated I want to cry and beg Greggie for help, but I know that he?ll just roll his eyes and give me a pep talk and remind me that I?m the customer.

Believe it or not, I have to resend the fax and call Charles back again. I?m thinking that?s another 20 minute wait with the same annoying song tapping at my brain.

The other day I complained at the customer service of my mom?s cellphone provide and once I was done I asked the very board team leader what she was going to do with my suggestion to improve the service. Her response was: ?Ma?am we hear it all the time!?

I?m thinking that?s code for ?this is how we deal with annoying customers (because all customers are annoying) so deal with it. Oh, and don?t threaten to move to another service provider because we have more than enough less feisty one?s who will stay and don?t mind the service, as shocking as it is!?

Or is that just me?

What does this have to do with 'project me'? Well sometimes I think we forget that something as simple as making a tedious phone call or having to be brave because our?perceptions?of the outcome are daunting are big enough steps to say that we had a good day!

Anyway, gotto dash ? I have to call Charles back remember!

BUT WAIT ... there's more!
While uploading a cute pic to my post and having some stranger answer Charles's phone (at 3:31pm) I am politely told that Charles has gone home for the day and I must call back tomorrow.
Don't be silly, of course she can't help me!

8 comments on “On hold and other brilliant customer service ? project me day 214”

  1. I get so annoyed at the lack of customer service.

    My motto is give the service you would expect to receive.

    Good luck on your mission.

  2. That's unfortunately one thing that really disappoints me with companies.... The customer service index is absolutely shocking!!!
    Being in the service industry myself, I know all about service and think I do a PRETTY damn good job with it!!!
    The next step may be to land on their doorstep!!!!

    1. LOL ... I do a whole thing about not being responded to and I totally forgot to comment on your comment 😉
      To be honest the thought of everything has been such a mission that I've actually begun to ignore it which doesn't help either. Oh dear ... I'm going to have to find some fighting spirit.

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