On the move again - project me day 632

27 September 2011

I hope my blogs don't have to be short and sweet for too long because I've realised just how much I find comfort in my blogging. I missed blogging on the weekend even though it was chaotic and it felt so good sitting down and hearing myself think aloud.

Not having a laptop is crazy so I'm just keeping a positive attitude that something happens to help me out. I have put it out there on Twitter and asked a few friends to see if they have contacts but a part of me also hates having to ask so it's very interesting that I would be dealing with a loss of something I need to be who I am.

Anyway ... we have decided to move house! The landlord wasn't prepared to increase the security and the second we showed signs of being unsure they let us off the lease and there have been estate agents here already.

A move will be scary on many levels because we have to do the double deposit thing and pay for movers when times are already tough. The more interesting part is that it was one thing for Mr Unexpected to sleep over one night and not leave but now we are off house hunting together ... now isn't that something!

I have to admit that I feel a bit like deer in the headlights right now and I haven't managed to get much done today. A mobile phone really can't take the place of a laptop and my head is worried about security seeing as though there have been electrical faults in this house for ages and the gate was taken off the hinges by the robbers. I have been nervous to leave my mom alone while the gate is standing wide open and the alarm is working properly ... wow, doesn't it just sound like such a drama?


4 comments on “On the move again - project me day 632”

    1. I wish I could take that 5 with you my friend! Miss u too and love you more than ice cream on a hot summer's day in Tuscany!

  1. After my folks were held at gunpoint in their place (for anyone over seas this is pretty common place in SA - I could go into even more graphic detai, but thankfully apart from a mild beating not much else happened) I ended up in Jo'burg for a week. Helped my mom find a place that my dad hadn't even seen, packe them up and move. Landlord tried to be difficult about it, but my dad was thankfully in a position to say... "Like I care!"

    As my mother put it, it's not what they took from your home, it's what they take from you. Once that sense of security and calm has been taken, it's tough to get back. Often the best thing you can do is draw that line in the sand and leave what you can behind.

    Good luck with the search and pending move. 🙂
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    1. I totally agree and I've realised that it's pointless trying to say that we want something to change ... so we just have to be a little more conscious but still ... not right!

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