One whole month - project me day 616

10 September 2011
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Time is a funny thing. When you first hear about something it feels like it's so far away and the next moment it's upon you.

Greggie leaves for America tomorrow. It was months ago that it felt like months ago and it seemed like it would never creep up on us. I did ...

Starting a business is tougher than any of the books or seminars say it's going to be. Teaching what we do, I think both Greggie and I expected it to be a little easier thanks to the confidence and love we have for what we do. We learned fast (ok, it took a while) that it's about not giving up on yourself or what you believe in despite any of the pressure, financial strain or fears. All the self help books say that when you do what you love it flows towards you, but it's not the money that flows first. Sometimes the money flows last and so many give up on their dreams because of the illusion that when times are tough you are getting it wrong. Sometimes when times are tough, you just have to keep on going and not stop believing, no matter what.

That's exhausting!!

It takes so much courage and determination to make dreams come true and not give up even when those who love you most tell you that you should.

That deserves a holiday ... a whole long month of a holiday!

A few months ago I was dreading Greggie's trip overseas and Friday I still had a mini breakdown and burst out crying at the thought of not being able to speak to my person for a month, but the truth is, if anyone deserves this month away it's my best friend.

It's one more sleep and then tomorrow it's off to the airport. Then the month begins. The month of me being super brave because Greggie really does so much in the business ... mostly make sure I dont' play into my low esteem.

On the other side of the world ... my best friend is going to be having the well deserved holiday that he needs!

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