Only good things on this Friday 13th - project me day 832

13 April 2012
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Grrrrr ...

Firstly, with such a gorgeous black cat lurking around the corner as my eyes opened, it was a little difficult try and avoid one of the great omens of Friday the 13th.

Nope, I'm not a believer in any bad luck and don't have superstitions at all, except the shoes on the bed. I'm not sure if that's a superstition or just because my mother drummed it into our heads so often. We also grew up being totally freaked out about opening umbrellas in the house and seven years bad luck if a mirror dare break.

Then I grew up and started to have a less fear based response to life. I got my head around what superstitions meant and slowly let them go. Not that I'm dancing around with umbrellas in the house or go around smashing mirrors.

Just as I suspected, besides my gorgeous cat, who can cross my path whenever he likes ... there were no Friday the 13th surprises. Nothing too scary, freaky or miserable. I didn't trip, fall, bump or knock anything.

How about you?

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